What is Robotics Technology and How it Works

A mechanical person is called a robot. There is neither flesh nor bone in the body of this robot. It is made of iron, plastic, etc. Its body parts work like human body parts.

This device works with the help of electricity and machine. The camera in this instrument is its eye and the microphone is its ear.

The loudspeaker is its mouth. This robot is a servant of humans and obedient which humans cannot do, that robot easily does that work.

There is a difference between humans and robots. Humans have senses but robots do not. Therefore he cannot recognize smell, color, and taste. But robots are powerful and stronger than humans. Its biggest feature is that only after receiving the orders of a man, he can work in his absence.

Robotic devices are mentioned in many ancient books. The first automatic machine was mentioned in a book written in 1206. The author of this book was Al Jazari. The author had mentioned the invention made by him in his book.

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