Children's Day  2022

 Jawaharlal Nehru's great affection for children, 14th November has been recognized as Children's Day since he died in 1964, and it is observed every year on 14th November.

Pandit Nehru Ji was greatly affectionately toward kids and believed they were the nation's future makers. If we want to safeguard our future, we must all work together to shape the future of these kids in a better way.

In recognition of his affection for children, our country designated his birthday as Children's Day.

The primary goal of this festival was to make all Indian residents aware of the importance of providing children with the right to an education.

Since Prime Minister Nehru used to remark that a nation's wealth is not in its treasury but in its classrooms, we should regard our kids as the nation's wealth and safeguard and promote their future.

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