Essay on Zoo Visit for Students and Children 500 Words

Essay on Zoo Visit for Kids and Students

On the occasion of Children’s Day, all the children of my school and all the teachers go to the zoo. After reaching the zoo, first of all, my principal sir buys tickets for everyone.  After that, we all go inside. After going inside the zoo, all the children get a smile on their faces. While visiting the zoo, we see different types of animals, birds, snakes, fish, etc. A zoo is a place where children can learn various things about animals and their species. Rare animals are also seen in the zoo.

Essay on Zoo Visit 500 Words

There are so many living beings in such a big world that it is impossible to see each of them. The zoo is the place where almost all the animals of the world are kept. A zoo is a place where all kinds of animals and birds are found. A favorable environment is provided for the animals and birds. Animals in zoos are confined to a place where they can be given food and medical facilities.

Essay on Zoo Visit

Colorful flowers, trees, plants, animals, and birds are all an important part of our life. We are always curious to see nature closely and know about them. The place where the animals, rare animals, and birds of the country and abroad are kept for display is called a zoo.

The main reason for building a zoo is that humans and animals can interact with each other. There is a lot of love between humans and animals. Keeping in mind the safety of the animals, the government has given strict guidelines for the maintenance of the zoo.

A lot of lands is required for the maintenance of the zoo. Animals and birds are kept safe because no one can tamper with them. To give a natural environment to all the animals in the zoo, there are dense forests, ponds, and hills, etc. so that they feel their belonging.

The zoo was built to bring wildlife and humans closer. Because of this humans can understand animals closely. In a true sense, the zoo is a great source of entertainment for the children. According to scientific researchers, it is seen in children that they like to go to the zoo and talk with the animals. It helps to learn practical knowledge about the animal.

The zoo is such a place where rare animals can be seen very easily. With the help of Zoo, we are able to see animals and create awareness about the extinction of rare species. A zoo is a safe place from the point of view of animal safety. The main purpose of keeping animals in the zoo is that the breed of animals never ends.

Where the zoo is the center of entertainment for us, animals are also exploited. Many times animals also die due to keeping animals in poor condition in zoos. The zoo is a medium for generating revenue for the government.

The zoo is not a very inappropriate place for animals because animals are kept in cages there. In zoos, wild animals are forced to live in dire straits. If seen in the true sense, the real home of animals is the forest because there they can easily go anywhere. Zoo houses that cannot ensure proper care and safety of animals, those zoos should be closed.


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