Essay on Wonder of Science for Students and Children 500 words

Essay on Wonder of Science for Students and Children 500 words

This essay on wonder of science is beneficial of class 4 to 10 students.


Essay on Wonder of Science – Today’s era is the age of science. From the smallest thing to the biggest thing, whatever we are using in life today is the gift of science. These things are so many that it is not easy to get their name count. Small needle, thread, button, paper, pencil, pen, etc. All the things we get today because of science.

Time and space end

Science has eliminated the distance of time and space. Where it used to take several months to reach, now it reaches in a few hours. Crossing the ocean is not difficult. Crossing the mountain has become a left-handed game. It’s not difficult to cross the desert. All this has been possible only because of science.

Science is the basis of progress

Due to science today man has made a lot of progress. The growing phase of science is visible in all the means of education, agriculture, industry, business, transport. Much progress has been made in the field of education.  We are getting the necessary books, paper, pencil pen, etc. through science only. Similarly, we have made a lot of progress in other areas also.  The science behind this progress.

Entertainment and Science

Today the markets are full of sports goods.  We can easily get many types of newspapers, magazines, radio, Doordarshan, etc. Sitting at home, we can watch the program of our choice on Doordarshan. This advancement in the field of entertainment is the result of the miracle of science.

Medicine and Science

Science has created a miracle even in the field of medicine. From the smallest disease to the most fatal disease can be easily treated today. There is no disease today which can be called incurable.

Essay on Wonder of Science

We have a cure for all. Today we have got new medicines. Today we can use one of the best tools for surgery. Not only this, today we can keep the patient near death alive for some more time. Such medicine is also the result of the miracle of science.

Benefits of science

Science has completely changed our lives. We got the best clothes to wear due to science. Now we can never think of famine due to science. Scooters, cars, buses, planes, and trains are our means of movement. Electricity has given way to heat and winter, but this is only one side of science.

Science is the cause of destruction

Science has also made many materials for the destruction of humans. Nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, etc. The weapons that create destruction are also the result of the miracle of science. These weapons are so harmful that their use will erase the name and mark of mankind.


Science has changed human life.  It has made the impossible possible.  Science is a tool.  It is in the hands of man to use this tool. He can do the welfare of mankind by this if he wants. If he uses science for the destruction of man, then there is no fault of science in it.




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