Essay on Unemployment in English for Students 500 Words

Essay on Unemployment for 500 words for students and Children

Today education is developing rapidly in our country.  Most of the people of India are educated, but today a very big problem is coming into our country. The number of unemployed people in our country is increasing. Through this article, we will learn about the essay on unemployment in detail.


Essay on Unemployment – Even after so many years of India’s independence, India seems to be facing a new problem day by day, one of which is unemployment. Unemployment is a big problem in our country. Unemployed are those people who are able to work but still they do not get to do any work. Due to which they find it difficult to live their life because these people do not have money.

There are lakhs of such people in our country who have not got any employment and when these people do not get employment then they do not have money and hence they have trouble in living life.

What is unemployment?

Unemployment is said to be the state when the number of people working in the country is more and he is able and willing to work at the prevailing wage rate but still he does not get work. Children, old, healthy, and handicapped people cannot be kept in the category of unemployed.  The person who is not willing to work and is also a parasite does not come under the category of unemployment.

Types of Unemployment

Just as unemployment is becoming a major problem, in the same way, there are many types, mainly disguised unemployment, seasonal unemployment, open unemployment,  and conflict unemployment along with others.

Reasons for Unemployment

The problem of unemployment is continuously becoming a major obstacle to our development and peace.  Following are some of the main causes of unemployment in our country.

Population Growth – Population growth is the main reason for a deadly problem like unemployment.  Due to the rapid increase in population, we have fewer employment opportunities because we are not able to develop employment opportunities so fast and we have to face this problem.

Looking for Government Jobs only – Many people are only looking for government jobs and due to fewer government posts and more people, some people are able to do jobs in these government posts and others remain unemployed in search of government jobs.

Essay on Unemployment

The slowdown in economic growth – We know that India is a developing country and the pace of economic development is also slow.  So due to a slowdown in economic growth for the growing population, we are not able to develop employment opportunities.  This is also a major cause of unemployment.

Education – Due to lack of education, people do not get the right information and without education such people become unemployed.

False self-esteem – False pride also prevents the people of our country from doing small deeds. Many youths waste their invaluable time by wandering around in vain. It is not that he should do any small business or small job. They are allowed to be idle but not to do small jobs.

Measures to reduce unemployment

If we want to eliminate unemployment from the root in our country, then for that we have to provide the right information and education to all the people. We have to stop the increasing population of our country because the population is the biggest reason for unemployment, so the government will have to bring strict laws for this.

We do not have to use machines in all those places where human beings are working comfortably because this is also a big reason for increasing unemployment.  Because when all the work is done by machine, then people do not get jobs, due to which unemployment increases.

Providing incentive loans etc. to the domestic industry by the government, the domestic industry will grow and help in controlling problems like unemployment.

Government efforts

The Government of India is aware of unemployment and is also taking important steps in this direction.  Family planning, nationalization of banking, facility to move raw materials from one place to another, demarcation of agricultural land, the establishment of new industries, the establishment of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana training center, National Skill Development Institute, etc., which will help in removing the unemployed.


The problem of unemployment in the country has been there for a long time. Although the government started many programs for employment generation. Policymakers and citizens must make a collective effort to create more jobs as well as acquire the right skills for employment.

Today, due to increasing unemployment in our country, today’s youth commit many crimes for employment, in which many people smuggle organs and many people promote corruption, terrorism, theft, and dacoity, etc. In this way, unemployed people are making their living by crime.


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