Essay on Television in English for Students 500 Words

Essay on Television for Students and Children


Essay on Television – Television is the most attractive instrument among modern scientific inventions. Through Television, the sound broadcast from a distant place reaches the audience along with the picture. The influence of Television is more permanent than that of radio. Television has gained a lot of popularity in India in the last two decades.

Meaning of Television

Television is made up of two words –  Tele and vision.  Which means that the distant scene is present in front of the eyes.  Television is an advanced form of radio technology. It is a device with the help of which you can listen and watch songs, news, etc. sitting in your room.

Invention of Television

Television was invented in 1926 by Scottish scientist J L Baird. Earlier there was only black and white TV, in which only black and white were visible.  Today is the era of Color and Dish TV in which we can also choose the channels of our choice.

Television came to India in October 1959.  Television is an important means of entertainment.  In this, we can watch many programs sitting at home like serials, news, sports, cartoons, etc.  Through television, we can know about the country and the world sitting at home.

Television is an important part of youth’s life

Television has become an important and needy part of today’s youth.  If the youth make controlled and restrained use of television, then television will prove to be very useful for them, otherwise, Youth’s can never be saved from its bad effects.

Television is a source of entertainment

Many types of programs are shown on television.  Drama, pictures, and many types of serials are also shown on television. Television also entertains people a lot.  When you come from the office and run your favorite program on television at home, then the tiredness of the whole day goes away.

Now we don’t even need to go to the cinema hall to watch movies.  Every day you can get a special kind of enthusiasm and inspiration by entertaining yourself with programs on some kind of topic.  Which entertains us with the films shown on television and we are also entertained by serials.


Essay on Television

In the same way, we can entertain ourselves with the programs shown for special types of educated and uneducated sections along with children, old people, and youth.  A lot of knowledge can be gained from this.  So many programs are shown on television that a person gets confused as to whom to watch and who should not.

Advantages of Television

Television has as much use in human life as the eyes are used in human life.  On television, we can entertain ourselves by watching programs of drama, sports, and songs, etc.  Leaders can also effectively convey their message to the people through Television.

Television is also used in education.  In today’s time, lakhs and crores of students can see and hear any good teacher sitting in their home while teaching.  Television is used when the search is done inside the sea. If a sinking ship is to be traced, the television camera is lowered into the water.  Through him, the information inside the ocean reaches the people sitting above.

Space information can also be obtained from television.  Using television, every class, every age, every level person can watch 24 hours with interest.

Disadvantages of Television

Television is a great gift of science but it is possible to misuse anything. If seen practically, for today’s youth, television has proved to be more of a hindrance than a useful and helpful one. The activities of children and adults have become confined to the room.

Most of the students take interest in such programs which are related to programs rather than education.  He chooses programs which are interesting like movies, songs, sports, serials, etc.


The argument we have given is not on television but on the programs shown on television which mislead the youth.  If we remove television, then we will also end the benefits that we get from it. We can tell from the benefits of television that television is a very invaluable invention of science.

It should also be used for the progress of the country.  Our young generation needs to watch the programs of knowledge by staying in moderation.  Television is such a means by which a person can make his life happy and bright.


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