Essay on Technology in English for Students and Children 800+ Words

Essay on Technology in English for Students and Children 800+ Words

This essay on technology is beneficial for students of classes 5 to 10.



Essay on Technology – Today’s era is the age of science and technology.  Today there is no field where technology and modern equipment are not being used because technology has not only given a new pace of development to human life but also took it to new heights of success.

Advantages of technology

Due to the advantages of technology, today’s man has become accustomed to it. Today there is no such area where technology is not being used.  Technology has played an important role in the development of health education, entertainment, business, tourism, transport, agriculture, etc. Because of this, many such tools and means have been invented, which have made human life very easy, whereas today a person sitting at home can know the condition of any corner of the world in seconds.

Some advantages of technology are as follows

Increase in industrial production – Many such machines, software or equipment have been made from technology, which has accelerated the process of making goods and has increased industrial production rapidly.

Increase in fertilizer production – With the help of technology, many such devices have been made in the field of agriculture, which improved the irrigation system and farming, which increased the production of manure.

Improvement in the condition of agriculture – Technology has given a new pace of development to the agriculture sector.  Today, using advanced technology in agriculture, good yields are being produced.  At the same time, many such tools have been made including tractors, which have made farming easier.

Development in business – The use of technology has led to unprecedented growth in business.  Many such machines have been made using technology in which manual labor has been greatly reduced and production has increased.  Through technology, it has become easy to buy, sell or reach customers, as well as counting or keeping records of transactions with the help of a calculator, computer, etc. has become easy.

Level of education improved – By using modern technology, the child is being taught in the smart class.  Not only this, children can now get information about any subject with the help of computers and the internet.  Along with this, you can do e-lectures or e-reading sitting at home.

Essay on Technology

Revolutionary change in the field of health – With the use of modern technology, the treatment of many serious diseases have been found in the field of medicine. With the help of technology, everything related to the human body can be detected easily.

Ease in Traveling – Today, through technology, the distance of hours has been covered in minutes.  Now it has become very easy to reach anywhere in the world.  Through technology, today man is taking advantage of helicopters, airplane trains, buses, cars, etc.

Development in the field of communication – Today, through technology, we can not only talk to a person sitting in any corner of the world but can also send our message in space in seconds.

Improvement in standard of living – Technology has provided many such amenities including TV, fridge, AC, cooler, car, washing machine, computer, internet, which has not only made the life of man very easy but also improved the effect of his living and eating habits.

Contribution in the field of entertainment – Today the entertainment world has got a new identity through technology.  Today we can watch programs on TV.  You can listen to music and watch videos.

Disadvantages of Technology

While on one hand there are many advantages from technology, on the other hand, there are also many disadvantages which are like this.

Level of pollution increased – Industrial development has been encouraged by technology, while on the other hand, the polluted gases emanating from the industry are badly disturbing the balance of the environment.

Global warming problem is increase – All the modern resources made with the help of technology, such as the use of such AC, vehicles, etc., and the toxic gas emitted from factories, are disturbing the balance of the environment, due to which the temperature of the earth is increasing and the problem of global warming is being created.

wastage of time – Modern technology has provided such devices as computers, the internet, mobile TV, etc., which are now being used by human beings not for necessity but for entertainment, which leads to unnecessary wastage of time.  The man dependent on television is becoming lazy.

Increase in the crime rate – People are also using technology in the wrong way.  Many are promoting communal violence by spreading false rumors through the Internet, which is leading to riots.  which also encourages terrorist attacks.

Health impact of increasing technology – Today’s man has become so accustomed to technology that he talks on mobile phone for hours.  Plays games on the computer, TV, etc., which has a bad effect on his eyes.


On the one hand, where technology has provided a new dimension of progress to the country and the world and has given a new direction of development to human life, on the other hand, it is also very dangerous for human health.  That is why all of us should use technology only in times of extreme need.

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