Essay on Summer Season in English for Students 500 Words

 Essay on Summer Season for Students and Children

This essay on Summer Season is beneficial for school students and children. Essay Lover provides all the important information about the summer season.


Essay on Summer Season – Summer is the hottest season of the four seasons of the year. When the spring season ends, the summer season comes. It begins on the day of the summer solstice. It starts on 15th April and lasts till 15th July. The summer season is also known as Jeth and Ashadh. During the summer season the days are long and the nights short. The wind blowing in this season is called loo. The water of rivers, ponds, and lakes, etc .dry  up and get reduced.

Essay on Summer Season

We know that our Earth revolves around the Sun, when the Earth turns and tilts towards the Sun, then the summer season comes. In this season there is scorching sun and scorching heat, due to which there is drought. Hurricanes and tornadoes are very common in some places during the summer.

Sometimes people also get affected by heatstroke, dehydration, diarrhea, cholera, and other health-related problems due to excessive heat. Due to the heat, it becomes difficult to go out of the house and there is a risk of falling ill.

Advantages of Summer Season

  • If the summer is good then the rain is also very good.
  • Due to the heat in the summer season, poisonous germs are destroyed.
  • During summer, children get a summer break.
  • Due to the hot summer days, Pepsi, chilled water is easily available on the streets.
  • In summer we get to eat many fruits like mango, litchi, watermelon, melon, etc.
  • People go to cool places when they get a summer vacation.

Ways to avoid the summer heat

  • Wear light and thin clothes to avoid the heat.
  • Always wear hats, scarves, and umbrellas when out in the sun.
  • Eat such cold fruits as Mango, watermelon.
  • Try to be in a shady place or indoors mostly during the afternoon.
  • Drink juice, lassi, water, coconut water, etc.
  • To avoid the heat, drink the pitcher water in your home by adding lemon or mint.

Disadvantages of Summer Season

  • During the summer, due to the strong heat, ponds, rivers, springs, wells, etc. dry up.
  • There is a risk of heatstroke from hot winds.
  • Due to heat, our body starts sweating.
  • Animals and birds also get affected due to the scorching heat.

Importance of summer season in children’s life

In summer vacation, children get a chance to go to their maternal uncle’s house and play with friends. In this season they get a chance to eat ice cream, drink lassi, and eat fruits. children enjoy school vacation in the summer season.

Characteristics of the summer season

Each season has its own distinct characteristics. The summer season is very important for our environment. Due to the arrival of heat, the poisonous germs living in the ground die. Mango, the king of fruits, we get to eat in this season. In this season, everyone gets a chance to visit a cool place.


Each season has its own characteristics and importance. In this season, many people leave the hot place and go to the cold place.  Due to the high heat, people often want to take a bath. We should always be clean in this season. In this season People want to consume cold liquids.

We should always think about the rising temperature as well as act positively on it. We should enjoy this season through comforting things even in summer.

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