Essay on Robotics Technology in English for Students 1000 Words

Essay on Robotics in English for Students

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A mechanical person is called a robot. There is neither flesh nor bone in the body of this robot. It is made of iron, plastic, etc. Its body parts work like human body parts. This device works with the help of electricity and a machine. The camera in this instrument is its eye and the microphone is its ear. The loudspeaker is its mouth. This robot is a servant of humans and obedient which humans cannot do, that robot easily does that work.

Essay on Robotics

This robot can do the most difficult work even in water, land, and sky. For example, this robot brought out the wreckage of the crashed Kanishk plane from the seaside. There is a difference between humans and robots. Humans have senses but robots do not. Therefore he cannot recognize the smell, color, and taste. But robots are powerful and stronger than humans. Its biggest feature is that only after receiving the orders of a man, he can work in his absence.

Why Robot in News?

Currently, Israel Aerospace Company launched a remote – Controlled armed robot ‘REX MKII’ it can patrol battle zones, track infiltrators and open fire.

What is Robot Technology?

A robot is a man-made machine. This machine works on the basis of programs or instructions put in by the computer. A machine that has been made with the help of robotic science, engineering, and technology is called a robot. It can complete many difficult tasks with ease, speed, and accuracy.

Many people believe that robots look like humans, but it is not true, robots can be of any form. What will be the shape and size of the robot depending on its work? The device is used to control the robot.

History of Robot

Robotic devices are mentioned in many ancient books. The first automatic machine was mentioned in a book written in 1206. The author of this book was Al Jazari. The author mentioned the invention made by him in his book.

Actually, the first robot was built in 1913. The credit for this invention goes to the Sperry Gyroscope. The invention was presented to the common man in 1932. The event was first hosted on London Radio. After  30 years, American companies started selling robots. Around 1980, robots started being used in the work of many companies, hospitals, etc. Today the world of robots has developed a lot.

Types of Robot

There are many types of robots. They are employed in different fields.  Based on this robots are classified into certain types. Robots are divided on the basis of their work and technology.

Domestic Robot – People use domestic robots to do their daily household tasks. By using it, people save a lot of time. It has eased the lives of the people to a great extent. These robots are used indoors like vacuum cleaners, sweepers, etc.

Industrial Robot – Industrial robots are used in large industries and factories. Large tasks can be done easily with the use of this robot.  Apart from this, time and money are also saved. Through this, handling heavy goods, painting, and building work can be done easily.

Swimming Robot – This type of robot is designed to swim in the water. The shape and manner of swimming of this type of robot are similar to a fish.

Service Robot – With the help of service robots, various types of small and big tasks are instructed, on getting done with immediate effect.

Medical Robots – Their use has become very important in the medical world. These robots are being used for medical work and surgery in major hospitals of the world. Apart from this, doctors save people’s lives even by staying away.

Wheeled Robot – Such robots walk on the surface with the help of wheels. Wheeled robots are easy to build, program and design. Such robots can only walk on a flat surface.

Military Robot – Military robots are used for the security of the country. Because of this, the human army gets the least damage. This type of robot is used during war because such robots are capable of wielding many types of weapons.

Space Robot – This type of robot is used to do many things in the space station. Such robots are sent to many types of planets. Rover is also a kind of space robot.

How does a Robot work

Different machines are installed in the robot to do all kinds of work. It requires mainly 5 parts to work. Required parts are the structure body, muscle system, sensor system, brain system, and power system.

  • A structured body is used to make movements in robots.
  • The sensor system in a robot is used to hear and smell.
  • The brain system is used to operate the robot’s body. To operate its body, a program would have been put in its brain.
  • They get energy through power sources. Electricity is used to supply power to robots.


In today’s time, people use robots to save time and money. In recent times most robots are found to working for people in factories, laboratories, etc. The main reason for the use of robots is that robots can work better and faster than humans. Yet robots cannot do everything. That is why various types of research are still being done on robots. It is the largest technical device in the world. They can also be used in many space movies.

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