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Essay on Republic day in English for Students

This essay on Republic Day in English for school students


Essay on Republic Day – Every year on 26 January, India celebrates its Republic Day as the Constitution of India came into force on this day.  Republic Day is one of the most important national festivals of India. This special day is celebrated with great pomp across the country. Indian Republic Day is a very special occasion for all Indians.  This day makes us understand the importance of the established republic and constitution in our country because along with the struggle for the independence of our country, the constitution of our country has also contributed a lot.

History of Republic Day

When Republic Day comes, there is a flood of memories, the history of our freedom struggle starts to peeps through the memory. After India became independent, a drafting committee was asked to prepare the draft of the permanent constitution of India in the meeting of 28 August 1947. On 4 November 1947, the draft of the Indian Constitution was placed in the House under the chairmanship of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. The constitution was prepared in 2 years 11 months and 18 days. Finally, on 26 January 1950, it was implemented all over India. Now every Indian has an equal opportunity – there is no longer any discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, or gender.

Importance of Republic Day

The festival of Republic Day holds great importance in the lives of all Indians.  It works to fill our pride and gives us a feeling of complete freedom. The festival of Republic Day makes us understand the importance of our constitution. In today’s time, if we can take any decision independently or raise our voice against any kind of repression, then this is possible only because of the constitution and democratic nature of our country. This is the reason why our country celebrates Republic Day as a national festival. This is our memorable golden anniversary of independence.

Republic Day Celebrations

Every year on 26 January, this Republic Day program is celebrated with great enthusiasm at Rajpath in New Delhi and a special foreign guest is invited. On this day, the tricolor is first hoisted by the President of India and after that, all the people present there collectively stand and sing the national anthem. After that, many types of cultural and traditional tableaus are taken out, which look very attractive to see.

Essay on Republic Day

The most special event of this day is the parade, which people are very excited to see. The parade begins after the Prime Minister lays flowers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti on Rajpath. It is participated by various regiments of the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy. This is the program through which India displays its strategic and diplomatic power and gives a message to the world that we are capable of protecting ourselves.


National festival Republic Day is very important for us because on this day our country was established as a democratic country on the world map. We all should protect the constitution of our country. The peace of the country should be maintained and should cooperate in the development of the country.





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