Essay on Population in English for Students and Children 500 Words

Essay on Population in English for Students and Children 500 Words

This essay on Population in English is beneficial for class 4 to 10 students.


Essay on Population – Population growth is the most serious problem in the world today. India comes second after China in terms of population. If the population continues to grow like this, then the day is not far when we will be number one, beating China. Many problems arise on their own due to population growth. The ever-increasing population is an obstacle to the progress of any country. But the saddest thing is that the people of our country are not aware of it at all.

Reasons for population growth in India

There are many reasons for the increase in population in India like child marriage, lack of knowledge of family planning, superstition, desire to have a son.

Disadvantages due to population growth

  • Population growth will increase inflation.
  • If the population increases, there will be a food crisis and people will die of hunger.
  • People will not be able to get material comforts, bread, cloth, education, house from more population.
  • Government schemes will be affected.
  • Natural resources will be exploited.
  • Pollution will increase.

Benefit from Population Control

  • All human beings will be happy and settled.
  • Everyone can get a good education.
  • The traffic problem will be under control.
  • Everyone will get good food.
  • Housing problems will end.
  • Government schemes can be run according to rules and regulations.
  • Natural resources will not be exploited.
  • The environment will not be polluted.

Efforts of our country

Our governments have made many efforts to stop the population growth. The family planning program was brought under the five-year plans but this plan did not reach the villages of the country. Under this scheme, 146 family planning centers were established by the central government and 205 by the state government.

Essay on Population

The Second Five Year Plan was carried to the village. In the third five-year plan, the benefits of family planning were explained to the people up to the village. In the fifth five-year plan, family planning was implemented throughout the country. First aid centers were opened in the village.

Population control measures

  • Child marriage should be banned.
  • Wide publicity should be given to the family planning program.
  • The age of marriage should be fixed.  The age of girls should be 20 to 21 and the age of boys should be 25 years.
  • Education should be promoted from village to village.
  • Government services should be stopped on more than 2 children.
  • The law of two children should be implemented completely.
  • Government should honor the family with fewer children.


Population growth is like a slow poison that is slowly destroying the earth where we live. We have to go ahead and control the population, otherwise, the day is not far when people will start killing each other and the whole earth will become a battlefield. Which is essential for our human civilization and other wildlife. Illiteracy and superstition are the main reasons for population growth in our country.




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