Essay on Pollution in English 600 Words

Essay on Pollution in English for Students and Children

Essay on Pollution- Pollution has become a serious problem.  It is not just our country.  This is an international problem that has affected all living organisms and other inanimate substances living on the earth.  Its side effects are visible all around.  Pollution literally means that the balance of the natural is disturbed by the contamination of the essential things for life like not getting clean water, not getting clean air, and creating a polluted environment.

Definition of pollution

The harmful particles that are contaminated into the environment which have harmful or poisonous effects on our environment are known as Pollution.

Types of pollution

The most important types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and noise pollution.

Air Pollution:- In Air pollution any type of harmful substances such as smoke emanating from factories and transport, smoke from burning waste, and polluted gases into the atmosphere, which causes fresh air to be polluted.  Air pollution affects the quality of life on a large scale.  Air pollution causes many diseases like asthma, lung problems, etc.

Essay on Pollution

Water Pollution:- Water pollution refers to the contamination of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, seas, and groundwater.  Water pollution occurs due to many reasons such as factory waste going to the sea and lakes, people throwing garbage into the sea, etc.  Water pollution is becoming a growing problem on the earth which is affecting humans and animals in all aspects.

Soil Pollution:- Soil is very essential for all living organisms and human life on this earth.  Without the proper knowledge, excessive use of chemical fertilizers is deteriorating the quality of the soil due to toxic elements released by the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, industrial wastes, etc. through which the soil is being polluted which causes the fertility of the land.  Is affecting badly.

Noise Pollution:- Westernization has given rise to the craze of loud music which is a component of noise pollution.  Excessive loudness is harmful to human health and animals.  Noise pollution occurs due to these reasons: – Noise pollution is caused by loud emanating from domestic machines, construction activities, transportation, listening to loud music, etc.  Noise pollution causes the most damage to the ear due to which sometimes the ear inner layer are damaged, causing loss of hearing forever.

Disease caused by Pollution

Pollution causes various types of diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, respiratory disease, kidney disease, epidemic, skin disease, etc.

How to reduce pollution

  • To prevent air pollution, we should plant more trees.  Where trees are being harvested continuously, they should be stopped.
  • To reduce water pollution, we have to pay more attention to cleanliness.  Whatever factories and factories are responsible for water pollution should be closed.
  • Noise pollution is mostly done by humans,  So if we stop vehicles sound ourselves and if we take care of the machines regularly then there will be no noise from them and there will be a decrease in noise pollution.
  • For agriculture, organic fertilizer, green fertilizer, cow dung, etc, should be used at the place of chemical fertilizer.


Conclusion of essay on pollution:

Pollution is becoming a major environmental problem. If its prevention and control are ignored then this problem can become a major threat to human life and other beings. Our future generations will crave many things like pure food, air, water, etc.  Therefore, we have to take steps towards environmental protection and we must spread awareness about pollution control information among the people. Until the people of our entire country are not aware, then it is not possible to reduce any kind of pollution.

We must follow all the control measures implemented by the government to avoid the ill effects of pollution so that we and our future generations can remain safe.

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