Essay on Online Education in English for Students 800 Words

Essay on Online Education in English for Students and Children

This Essay on online education in English for students of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and competition aspirants.


Essay on Online Education – Currently, online education is extremely important during the Corona period. Due to its facility, online education has become very popular in a short time. Online education has become an integral part of the life of students. In this difficult time of lockdown where all schools and colleges are closed, online education has solved all the problems of the students. It would not be wrong to say that in this difficult time, it is impossible for students to study without an online medium.

Online education is being given to children through the internet by almost all schools so that there is no loss of education of children and today most of the students of the country are also very happy to join online education.

Meaning of online education

Online education is such a medium of education in which students study by sitting at home using a smartphone, laptop, or computer through the Internet. Similarly, teachers can connect with their students online from any corner of the country and the world. Online education requires high-speed internet. Today all the students of the world are able to do their studies using online education. If there was no online medium today, the education of crores of children would have remained incomplete during the Corona period.

Advantages of online education

There are many advantages of the online education system.  Through this, students are sitting at home.  You can easily access the complete material related to your study.

Online education is the education received through the internet sitting at home.  That is why students can get this education not only from their own country but also from foreign educational institutions.

Online education can be achieved by a person sitting at home, which saves the student’s time going to educational institutions, coaching institutes, or schools.  At the same time, money spent on traveling is also saved.


Essay on Online Education

Students and children can take online classes according to their time and convenience.  The online class given by the teacher can also be recorded.  In such a situation, if a student does not understand some topic related to a subject during the online class, then he can clear his doubts by listening to the recording again.

Now online coaching facility is also available for competitive exams.  You can also prepare comfortably for your upcoming exam sitting at home.

Other courses like dance singing, cooking, sewing, embroidery, yoga, English speaking, computer, etc. can also be learned through online education.

Some people who want to continue their further studies with a job.  He can get online education by taking admission to the institute through the online education system.

The online education system has proved to be effective in the field of education even in circumstances like the Coronavirus epidemic.

Disadvantages of online education

Internet is required to get online education, but in many areas in the country, internet facility is still not available properly.  In such a situation, how will online education be successful?

Such students who do not have smartphones, computers, and laptops, etc., those students are deprived of online education.

The importance of a teacher is decreasing with online education, due to which there will be a lack of real education in the life of children in the future.

During online education, it is very difficult for children to concentrate on their studies in the classroom. The level of competition of children under the online education system is decreasing.

In online classes, the eyes have started getting weak and problems like headaches due to prolonged viewing of the screen.

It is mandatory to do practical work in some subjects like Physics, Chemistry or Biology, etc.  But in online education, children are deprived of learning through practical work.

Apart from studies, many more activities are done in the school in which children participate like sports, singing, dance, yoga, etc. Children are deprived of such activities which are necessary for their development.


No one knows when this corona period will end and when will the school, college, educational institutions, coaching institutes open again and the child will be able to go to school or coaching institutions and study.

But now this problem has also been removed by online education. This is a new type of education which every country is adopting. Students need to study and brighten the future of themselves and their country. For those children who are unable to get online education, there is a need to arrange free online education by the government so that no child is deprived of education due to any lack.

But in such difficult times, online education has opened the doors of education for children.  Now online education is being liked a lot by people.  Most of the people, whether they are schoolchildren or appearing for competitive exams, are quite happy to get online education.

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