Essay on Newspaper in English for Students and Children 500 words

Essay on Newspaper for Student and Children

This essay on newspapers is beneficial for school students.


Essay on Newspaper – Newspapers are the means of conveying the news of the country and the world. We get the introduction of everyday events happening in the country or abroad through newspapers. Newspaper is a very powerful tool which develops the confidence and personality of the person. It establishes a connection between people and the world. We get information about the views of the leaders of our country through newspapers very easily at a low cost. What is going on in other countries, we get knowledge of all these things from newspapers only. After all, today newspaper is a great force without which our knowledge is incomplete.

Newspaper launch

Newspapers were not in circulation before the arrival of the British in India.The British developed newspapers in India. In 1780, India’s first newspaper was published in Kolkata, also named Bengal Gazette, and edited by James Hicky. This was the time after which the development of the newspaper. Just as the art of printing began to develop, in the same way, the number of newspapers also increased. At present, newspapers are being published in every part of the country.

The birth of the newspaper

The newspaper was first born in China because it was the first to start printing. Some people also consider the city of Rome in Italy to be the birthplace of the newspaper. The newspaper was born 400 years ago in the city of Venice, Italy. It was spread throughout Europe in the 17th century. Newspapers in India were introduced in the 18th century by the British.

Importance of newspaper

Newspapers have great power. Even big leaders are scared of this. It sometimes overthrows even big governments. Sometimes it spreads the wave of revolution among the people and also helps in establishing a good government. The newspaper also plays the role of a qualified teacher. We know the news of the country and abroad sitting at home. It develops our practical knowledge.


Essay on Newspaper

Newspaper is quite beneficial for people searching for jobs. Traders also advertise their goods sitting at home and reach the public through newspapers. Today it has become very important to have it in every home. In big cities, people read the newspaper first as soon as they get out of bed.  This is the reason why people cannot live without newspapers.

Newspaper types

There are many types of newspapers like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Among all these, the spread of the daily newspaper is the most. Weekly papers discuss the news of the week.  Daily papers have a direct relation with public life. People like to read daily papers the most.


With the importance of the newspaper, the responsibility of the editor has also increased. A good editor leads life on the path of goodness so that the public is happy. Newspapers have developed a lot in India.  The newspaper has a bright future in our country.



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