Essay on Myself in English for Students and Children

Essay on MySelf in English for Kids and Children

This Essay on Myself in English is beneficial for students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. In this article, we discuss how to write an essay on myself in English.


My name is Rahul Sharma and I am 20 years old. This name was given to me by my elder sister. Everyone in my house affectionately calls me Munna. I love my name. I am just graduating from college.  The name of that college is AN College Patna. Many of my childhood friends study with me in the same college. My best friend’s name is Mukesh with whom I go to college every day.

essay on myself in english

I live in a rented flat in Patna. Boring Road is a famous area of ​​Patna.  It is a beautiful and clean place with all modern amenities. I like many sports, but I like playing cricket the most. We usually play in our college playground after our college classes. I play good cricket because of which my friends come to invite me to my house to play cricket. My height is average due to which my friends call me Sachin. I enjoy spending time with my friends.

My family

My father is a government employee. They have got a government house by the government in which we all live together. There are 8 members in my family. In this, I live with my grandparents, mother, father, sister, and brother. My grandfather was a farmer and earlier he lived in the village.  Now he lives with us in our house. My grandmother and my mother is a housewife. I have two sisters and one brother. My mother teaches all of us brothers and sisters and cooks for all of us. I love all my family members with all my heart.

I have a younger sister named Pooja who is the cause of entertainment for all the family members. All my family members love her very much and I sometimes bring her chocolates or other food items. My younger brother is currently studying in the fourth grade who always comes first in the class. I want that such an atmosphere of happiness remains in my family.

My Power

I am better at playing than studying.  That’s why I am the captain of the cricket team of my college. I am the best cricket player in my college. My dream is to play cricket for India. Apart from this, I am fond of traveling to new places and eating new types of dishes.

I am a very adventurous guy and like to take risks.  I like to get creative over and over again.  Learning new things is my passion which I always enjoy. My biggest strength is my family. I always update myself with the news. I am a very confident person and know how to talk to anyone.  I always try to talk to every person as per the requirement so that I can understand the people.

My Weaknesses

My biggest weakness is that I can’t stay away from my family. As I told you I am good at playing but weak in my studies. My biggest weakness is that I trust anyone blindly. But I try my best to overcome my weaknesses.

My Ambition

Everyone has ambitions in life.No man can do anything in the world without a goal. So we all should be firm about our purpose in life. To make a better future, all of us should do planning in our careers from time to time. I have studied deeply and I will sit for the exam to get a government job.  I will try to be a good and honest employee.


Before any person writing about their life, they should consider the activities happening in their life. Before writing about your life it is very important to know about yourself. Life means doing good for your partner.  Keeping this objective in mind, I always aspire to serve my people. It’s all the things that express me.


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