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Essay on My Village 500 Word


India is called the country of villages because two-thirds of the total population of the country live in villages. A village is a place that is far away from the pollution and noise of the city. Once a year when the summer vacation is going on, more than half of the people prefer to go to their villages. The name of my village is Govindpur which comes under the Buxar district of East Bihar.  It is situated just 20 km away from the city.

Essay on My Village

I have spent my whole childhood in my village. My school is 2 km away from my village. My father lives in the village and he does agriculture and animal husbandry. My mother also helps in my father’s work. My whole family goes to the village during Diwali and Durga Puja holidays. Whenever I go from city to village, I like to spend time with my best friend Ramu. In my village, there are green trees, plants, fields, and rivers, which makes our environment pure. I love spending time in my village.

My Village

In my village, people of all classes live without any discrimination. My village is small but my village has been blessed by nature with more than one priceless gift. All the people here still follow the old customs. Most of the farmers live in my village. After independence, my village has progressed a lot. In this way, the whole village becomes like a family during the festive days.

The name of my school is Ram Lakhan.  About 400 students study in my school. There is a big pond in the middle of my village, which is filled with water throughout the year. There is a big garden outside my village in which different types of trees are planted and all the people of the village go there for a walk in the morning. There is a huge playground near a school in which children play football, kabaddi, and cricket, etc. In the village, we live in the environment of rural life which is very good for us.

Village Life

There is a big difference between village and city life. There is always the sound of vehicles and smoke and chemical water that comes out of factories always coming out in the city. Pollution is very high in the city due to a car and factories. That’s why the people of the city get sick more. But there is no such problem in the village. The number of vehicles and factories in the village is very less, due to which the pollution is negligible. There are more trees and plants in the village, due to which diseases are very less. Village water is much cleaner than city water. That is why village life is much better than city life.

Village Panchayat

According to the Indian Constitution, village Panchayat comes under Article 40. The name of the first committee related to Village Panchayat was Balwant Rai Mehta Committee. Under this committee, the village panchayat is divided into three levels,  village, block, and district. The place where Village Panchayat was implemented for the first time in Nagaur Rajasthan. The name of my village panchayat is Bhatauli. The name of the head of the village Panchayat is Mukesh Kumar. Panchayat makes all the necessary decisions of the village, decisions related to justice and injustice.


People from far and wide come here to see and experience the simplicity of the village. In today’s time, the village is slowly moving towards development like the city. Many steps are being taken by the government to upgrade our village in which many programs like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,  Digital India, etc. are going on. I love my village and the people of the village very much so I want to do something for them in the future.

Essay on My Village 300 Word

Our country cannot be imagined without a village because 70% of our country’s population lives in villages. Even today, most of the people in our village make their living on agriculture-related work. my village is naturally very beautiful. According to Mahatma Gandhi, the soul of India resides in the villages. The fresh air, pure water, fresh vegetables, and fruits here attract people towards them.

The name of my village is Rampur. There is a temple of Goddess Kali Maa in my village where a huge fair is held during Navratra. People from far and wide come to our village to see this fair. Vehicles run less in my village and there is no pollution at all due to the greenery. There is a lot of greenery around my village, due to which the people of my village remain much healthier than the people of the city.

My grandparents live in my village. My grandfather is a farmer and my grandmother is a housewife. Whenever we go to the village during the holidays, I spend the most time with my grandparents. In the morning, I go for a walk in the village with Grandfather. I eat with my grandparents and sleep with them too. Along with me, all the people in my family love grandparents very much.

Due to the lack of electricity in the village, people have to stay in the dark at night and do not get water for farming and many other such problems. Any kind of trouble in our village is solved by our village Panchayat. With the help of village Panchayat, our village has progressed a lot.

The water system in our village is very good, due to which farmers get a lot of help in preparing their crops. There is never any shortage of water in my village because of the canal. Due to the availability of abundant water in our village, some people of the village also do fish farming. Sometimes our village gets flooded due to high water levels.

10 Lines on My Village

  • The name of my village is Kishanganj which is in the Arrah district.
  • Like every village, the people of my village are also dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.
  • The village has a big contribution to keeping the Indian culture alive.
  • My village is an example of mutual brotherhood.
  • There are small beautiful houses in my village.  There are good roads for which regular cleaning is also done.  Electricity is also available here for more than 15 hours.
  • The school in our village is very big, in which education is from class 1 to class 12.
  • There is a very big hospital in my village in which all the people of the village go to get treatment.
  • A village has the same importance as the heart in the human body.
  • There was not much development in our village earlier but in the last few years, the village has developed.
  • My village is a model village because my village is clean and pollution-free.


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