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Essay on My School in English For Students and Children

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Essay on My School in English 100

my school is very beautiful. I read in Primary school. It has four classes. The lowest class is class 1. The highest class is class 4. There are six teachers in my school. We love our teachers because they are very kind. There is a small garden in the school compound. There are 150 hundred students in my school. There are five rooms and many windows. My school teaches us good morals and cleanliness. My school is the best school in our city. My father takes me to school on his bike. I feel very happy when l come to school.

Essay on My School in English 150 Words

The name of my school is Sun Sun High School. In my school, there is education for all the students from nursery to class VIII. There are about two hundred and fifty students in my school. I study in class 5. There are 10 rooms in my school. There are total  8 teachers in my school of which 5 are male teachers and 3 are female teachers.

There is a playground in our school in which various types of sports are played like cricket, kabaddi, football, etc. The boys and girls of our school participate in many sports and also comes 1st in many competitions. They also pray before the start of class every day on my school grounds.

my school building color is yellow. There are 2 toilets and two hand pumps in my school. There is a big computer room in my school. There is also a staff room in my school for the teachers to sit. In every class of my school, tables and chairs have been arranged for the students to sit and fans have been installed in each room for air in summer.

Essay on My School in English 200 Words

The work of the school is to provide equal education to every child of the society without any discrimination. School is the first and most important step towards success. I study in a government school. My school is suited in the middle of the village in the field. I go to school and say good morning to all the teachers and friends. School is the second home of children.

A school is a place where his mental development and the ability to understand things around the world are developed. Everyone should understand the importance of school. But no one cares about the future of the children. In today’s time, the level of education is decreasing day by day. School plays an important role in the development of the country.

essay on my school in english

My school is a boon to me because school is a place where we get an education. Everyone has the right to education in our society and every child should go to school to remove illiteracy. To remove illiteracy, schools should be everywhere so that education does not go beyond the poor people. It has become easy to know our rights through education.

Essay on School in English 250 Words

The name of my school is DAV Public School. My school has three buildings of two floors. The campus of my school is very big in which there are big trees all around. It has more than 40 rooms. It has two playgrounds, along with an adjoining hockey court. There are more than 30 teachers in our school.  Teachers help the children in every possible way.

There is a big library in my school which is well equipped with books.  It has books related to many subjects. Our school has an auditorium where annual events take place. Children from class 4 to class 10 of my school use computers in the computer lab. There is also a good arrangement of drinking water and toilets for all the children in my school.

The school tradition is not new.  It has been the source of knowledge of our country for centuries. In ancient times, even kings go to Gurukul to get an education. In India, it is said that the place of Gurukul and Guru is above God for example Shri Ram and Shri Krishna also went to Gurukul Ashram to study.

Important steps have been taken to encourage the level of education in India, which have also proved to be very effective. for example, There should be a calm atmosphere in the schools and there should be train teachers. Schools have to perform best in board examinations. It is the responsibility of the school to take care of every small and big need of the children.

In today’s time, schools are both government and private. In today’s time, the thinking of the people of our society has become such that only private schools are taught. But this perception of the people is completely wrong. In today’s time education has become a business. All the parents want to give the best education to their children, but not everyone is in a position to pay the heavy fees in these schools.

Essay on My School in English 300 Words

The name of my school is Kendriya Vidyalaya. Every day my mother prepares me for going to school. I like to wear school dress. My school bus comes to take us from home to school. It takes about 1 hour from my home to my school. After entering school, I sing national music with my best friend and then our studies begin. All the teachers in my school have a helpful nature.

Apart from studying in school, there is also physical, mental, and cultural development of the students. For this, cultural programs are organized in our school every year on Independence Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, and the annual festival. Along with this, prizes are given to the students who came first, second and third in different activities in the school.

From childhood, till we grow up, we study in different schools.  There are also many types of schools that are Anganwadi, Primary School, Secondary School, Higher Level Secondary School. In these schools, children are educated from 1st to 12th standard. A big hostel is also built near my school, which boys study away from their homes.  This is a very good facility for them.

Schools, which are called temples of education, lay the foundation for building the future of the nation. The work of the school is to train the students according to the need of society. The purpose of going to school is to build a bright future for the children.

Our school pays special attention to cleanliness.  That’s why small dustbins are kept outside each classroom. Students should not throw garbage in the open but they should put it in the dustbin itself. Programs like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are held in our school on 2nd October.

Due to the lockdown, all the schools are closed due to which children are not able to go to school. The importance of online education has increased significantly due to the closure of schools during the time of the corona epidemic. In this situation, children are taking online classes at home. When this epidemic ends, children will start going to school again.


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