Essay on My Mother in English for Student and Children 400 Words

Essay on My Mother in English 400 Words

This essay on my mother in English is beneficial for School Students.


My mother’s name is Sheela Devi.  He is very sweet and cheerful.  Our life begins with the word mother. We cannot imagine life without a mother. She makes us capable of understanding the world and doing everything.

Essay on My Mother in English – Mother is such a precious gem about which it is very difficult to say in words.  It is said that God could not live with everyone.  So they created a precious relationship like a mother. In this world, the mother is the easiest word in the world, but God himself dwells in this name.

Mother is a word that every child in the world speaks first after coming to this world with their mouth. Mother is our first love on this earth, first teacher, and first friend.

Father and mother are the forms of God in this world who raise us without any selfishness, He gives him teaching, writing, sending school to college and putting our whole life on us, and always praying to God that our children should have come and given him all the happiness and success of the world.


Essay on My Mother in English

The mother is ready to do anything for her children.  This is not the same in humans, it is the same in every kind of animal.  If the baby is going to be affected then the mother comes first.

The mother loves her child the most, but when it comes to knowing that the child is walking on the wrong path, the mother convinces her like a guru but she does not understand then she calls her and even began her when needed.

My mother raises me up with great love every day. She cooks delicious food for everyone at home. Mother always takes care of our likes and dislikes and she Takes care of my every little thing.

It is very difficult to tie the love of mother in any one day but Every year on 9 May we celebrate Mother’s Day. If seen, the mother should be homage every day by her but this day is specially celebrated in respect of mother’s importance and her sacrifice.

We should never forget our mother because we can never repay her favor. You are anywhere in your happiness and sorrows, but never forget your mother and never leave her alone.




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