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Essay on My House in English for Students

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Essay on My House 100 Words

House is the most beautiful place in the world. Every human being is attached to the house. Everyone loves their house very much. I believe that my house is the most beautiful house in the world. We build our house as per our requirement. It was built by my father. All the members of my house live with love.

There are many rooms in our house, all the rooms are open and ventilated. Apart from this, there is also a worship room and a small library. The color of my house is pink. From the outside, my house looks like a small mansion. All my family members keep their houses clean. There is a vacant plot in front of my house in which my father used to do gardening work. House is a beautiful creation of our parents for us.

Essay on My House 150 Words

My house is in Gorakhpur city of UP. We live in a two-room flat on the second floor. This house is in the modern colony of Gorakhpur. This house has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and toilet. This house was bought by my father 7 years ago. I was 10 years old at that time.

There are only 4 members in my family. my father believes in having a small family. My house is made of iron, cement, brick, etc. Almost all modern facilities are available in this house. Different types of taps and showers have been installed in the bathroom, due to which the bathroom looks very beautiful.

The kitchen of my house is very big.  In this, my mother cooks different types of food for all of us. I have a small balcony in my house in which my sister and I play. There is a small park in front of my house in which I go for a walk with my father every day.

Essay on My House 200 Words

Where we live, it is called a house. Different types of materials are used for the construction of the house.  Like cement, wood, iron, brick, etc. Every person builds a house according to his need. Because the house is the basic need of every person.

My whole family lives in the Buxar district of Bihar. The name of my village is Govindpur. My house is old which was built by my grandfather. Our house has three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a temple room. The color of my house is green. My house is very big in which we live in a joint family.

Essay on My House

There is a big garden in front of my house in which many trees are planted, from which we get fresh air. Apart from this, fruit trees are also planted in this garden like guava and mango tree. On one side of the garden, we also grow different types of vegetables.

Home is the best place that provides us with a sense of security as well as love and affection. House is a place where all human beings get comfort and freedom. I love my house and all my family members so that the house remains beautiful.

Essay on My House 250 Words

My home is the most important place in my life because my whole family lives there. My house is located in Patna city, the capital of Bihar. My house is located in Boring Road Patna. My house is new and my father has built our house. My house is three-storeyed whose color is yellow and red. My house is the most important gift of my life.

The most beautiful building in my street is my house. Whenever any guest comes to our house, they appreciate our house a lot. There is a total of 5 rooms in my house out of which one kitchen room, one pooja room, and 3 bedrooms. I love the design and color of my house.

My grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt, and sister live in my house. I love my grandparents the most in my house. There is a huge park near my house in which I go for a walk every evening with my grandfather. There is a special temple room in my house in which my grandmother worships God every day. I have a kitchen in my house in which my mother and my grandmother cook food for all of us.

There are big walls around our house. I have a small garden in my house in which different types of flowers and fruit trees are planted. There is a huge mango tree in my garden, from which we get to eat sweet mangoes. There is a lot of greenery and cleanliness around my house, due to which our house looks very beautiful.

Essay on My House 300 Words

Most population of the world’s lives below the poverty line. In such a big world, there are some fortunate people who have basic facilities, while some aren’t. Most of the population in the country of India lives below the poverty line. We are very lucky that we have a house. This is the result of the hard work of my parents.

I live in the ancestral house with my whole family. This house was built by my grandfather in the year 1980. My house is at least 40 years old. My house has three bedrooms, a temple, kitchen, bathroom, and a courtyard. There are two entrances in my house. The color of my house is white due to which it looks very beautiful. My house is the most beautiful in my colony.

There is a guest room in our house. Whenever a relative comes to our house, he stays in the guest room. My house is made of old architectural art due to which our relatives admire our house.

There is a garden in my house in which different types of flowering plants are planted, which increases the beauty of my house even more. In the summer season, through these trees, we get a cool breeze and sweet fruits to eat. To reduce pollution and keep the environment pure, everyone should plant trees in their house.


In today’s time, if a person has a house, then it is a great achievement for him. If you do not realize this achievement, then you can go and ask someone who does not have a home.

In today’s time, people complain about things which they do not have. The greed of the people is increasing day by day, the one who has a house needs a bungalow and the one who has a bungalow wants a palace. This greed is never going to end. In this greedy world, if a person wants to be happy, then he should look at the people below him instead of those above him.


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