Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children

Essay on My Hobby in English for Students

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Essay on My Hobby 100 Words

My favorite hobby is drawing. I like to draw in different colors. In my free time, I love drawing because it gives me a lot of happiness. Whenever I do my hobby, I get peace of mind. I love to draw pictures of my grandparents in my notebook. I also love to color different types of pictures like mango, banana, orange, and dog, etc. I have made so many pictures, but my favorite picture is my parent’s picture.

Many drawing competitions are organized by my school, in which I also come first many times. I am very famous in my school because of my painting. My parents inspire me a lot towards my hobby. Seeing my love for drawing, my parents always help me to get colored pencils, notebook and sketch pens, etc. for me. My parents have helped me a lot to pursue my hobby.

Essay on My Hobby 150 Words

Dancing is my favorite hobby. I love to dance whenever I have free time. There is no obstacle in my studies due to dance. After coming from school I finish my school work.  After that, I go to a dancing class. Due to this hobby my strength and energy increase. Along with this, I feel refreshed and happy.

Essay on My Hobby

Whenever I dance, my parents admire my hobby and they are very happy. My parents have supported me a lot since childhood to fulfill my hobby. My favorite dance form is Kathak Kali. I have also won many competitions through my hobby. I have secured the first position in many competitions through dance.

Whenever I get free time, I join classes to learn new types of dance. I practice dancing almost every day for 4 hours to become a good dancer. I have learned many forms of dance like folk dance, Garba, Manipuri, and Bharatnatyam, etc. My parents have helped me a lot to pursue my hobby.

Essay on My Hobby 200 Words

My favorite hobby is book reading. I started reading my first book when my father bought me a book of Good English. At that time I did not have much understanding of books, but now I get a lot of happiness from reading these books. Whenever I sit down to read a book, I forget everything that is happening in the world.

When I was in third grade, I used to love reading cartoon stories and fiction books. But now I have grown up a lot.  That’s why I like to read books related to Mathematics, Science, History, etc. My favorite subject is maths.  That’s why I do very well in this subject in my class. Apart from this, I also like to read interesting stories from history.

Apart from school-related books, I read many other types of books like Harry Potter. I have read all the parts of the Harry Potter book. I have almost read at least more than 100 books in Hindi and English. I have bought many books because of my hobby of reading books.  To keep it, I have got a library built in my house.

I want to continue my book reading hobby because I think the reading book is the best hobby ever. By reading the book, we can know the history, culture, animals, space achievements and also unnecessary things about the world.

Essay on My Hobby 250 Words

My hobby is using a mobile phone. I love using my mobile phone in my free time. Using a mobile phone is my hobby, but it doesn’t interfere with my other activities. First of all, I finish my school work.  After that, I use a mobile phone. I think using mobile is a good hobby because using mobile gives me good knowledge in many areas.

I usually listen to interesting facts, motivational videos, and news on mobile. I love watching cartoons on my mobile phone and my favorite cartoon name is Chhota Bheem. My parents appreciate my hobby because I sometimes voice over cartoon characters to them, which makes them very happy.

I am 12 years old now and studying in class 7.  Although the hobby of using a mobile was from my childhood. If we use mobile phone for the right things then it plays a very important role in our life. If a mobile phone is used for some work, then we get a lot of benefit from it. Through mobile phones, we get information about all the news and events happening around the world sitting at home.

Many times some projects are given to me by my school which I can easily do through my mobile phone. We get to learn a lot by doing these projects. Apart from my hobby, I use my mobile to do many other things.  Like to book railway tickets, movies tickets, online shopping, online education, Google maps, and online payment, etc. I get to learn a lot through my hobbies.

Essay on My Hobby 300 Words

Hobby plays a very important role in the life of any person. Whenever we think about our hobby, we get a lot of happiness from the inside. Whenever we think about our hobbies, we forget all the worries of the world. Apart from this hobby makes our life interesting and enjoyable. Our hobbies prove to be very useful in our future. We learn a lot about different things while pursuing our hobby and it also helps in expanding our knowledge.

The best way to reduce stress in today’s busy world is to work at your hobby. Because whenever you do your hobbies, your stress reduces and you feel very happy. If a person does the work of his choice and his hobby, then his mind becomes fresh and active. If we do our hobby, then our soul gets a lot of satisfaction, due to which happiness comes on our face.

If a person does not have any kind of hobby in his life, then his life becomes unhealthy and unhappy. We have to take a break from the busy routine to fulfill our hobbies and give us a wonderful opportunity to forget the worries of our life. If we work on our hobbies then we get to know our potential.

If a person becomes perfect in his hobby, then he can also make it a source of additional income. For example, if a person dances well then he can give dance classes to the children. Similarly, if you know how to write well, then you can also do content writing work for an agency. If you earn some money through your hobby then you will get a lot of help financially as well as your confidence will be at a very high level.

If I had to choose one hobby out of my many hobbies, I would definitely choose to play cricket. In view of my passion for playing cricket, my parents got me admitted to the cricket academy. Cricket also teaches me how to stay strong.




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