Essay on My Father in English for Students and Children 300 words

Essay on My Father in English in 300 words


My father’s name is Vishram Sharma.  He is a successful businessman.  I always call him papa. He is my role model.  He is a good advisor to our family.  I always learn from their life and experience. The male Head person of our family is my father and the female head of our family is my mother.

Essay on My Father – My father is the dearest father in the world.  He is my true hero, firm friend, my inspiration, and the best man of my life.  He takes care of all my happiness.  I am his whole world for them.  Since childhood, he has given me a lot of love and affection.  My father is very strict about discipline.  They have also taught me to be disciplined and respect the elders.  He always serves the grandparents and keeps the whole family together in love.

He stands with me in every failure and success.  Whenever I get nervous, he makes me excited and encourages me by telling stories of courageous people.

After coming home in the evening, he helps me with my studies. I play football or tennis with my papa on vacation days.  He is a very patient person and never gets angry.  He always inspires me to move forward by coping with the difficulties of life.

Essay on My Father

My father never talks angrily.  If I make a mistake, he is kindly explaining to me. He is also a good life partner.  He is always very loving, caring, and respectful to my mother, and sometimes if the mother’s health deteriorates, then he extends his hand in household works. The best father in the world is my father.

We do not need to worry about anything as long as the father’s hand rests on our forehead. He always endures suffering and just gives us happiness. We should never forget our father’s struggles.  We should serve him after he grows up and shows him to be a good person as well as a good son.

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