Essay on My Family in English for Students and Children

Essay on My Family In English for School Students

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Essay on My Family in English 500 Words


Family is important to everyone’s life. Under one roof, where a group of people resides and there is a blood relation between them, it is referred to as a family. Without family, this life seems incomplete. There are 6 members in my family which my parents, grandparents, and we are two brothers and sisters. The people of the family support each other in sorrow and happiness and together they face and solve every problem. Families fulfill the needs of the individual without any selfishness.

Essay on My Family in English

Every member of the family maintains the balance of the family. A family is like a tree.  The tree has many stems. The members of the family share all things and equal share for all the responsibilities within the family. This makes the members victorious and makes the whole family. That’s why everyone should accept it and support each other and make a joint family.

Importance of my family in my life

Family plays an important role in human life. There is a great need for the best family in society because a real family makes a good community and a good society makes a good country. From the middle of the family, we were able to learn those important things of life in our childhood which we could hardly learn in the medium of books.

If a person will work with his own happiness then his behavior will be better and he will fulfill his responsibility towards society and the nation when a family will support a happy man. The importance of family increases even more during the COVID-19 pandemic because all the members of the family act as an immune system.

My Family Members

In my family, there are grandparents, parents, me and my sister. Each member of every family has its own importance. My grandfather retired as a teacher and he now stays at home and teaches us. My grandmother is a housewife. My father works in the army, due to which he mostly stays away from home.

I am proud of my father. We both siblings study in the same school.  Our mother is a teacher in the same school. I consider myself lucky because I have been born into such a good family.

Safety measures are taken by my Family in COVID-19

All the members of our family used to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from the people outside.

My family washes their hands frequently with soap and water to avoid the coronavirus pandemic.

Use at least 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available when we are outside.

All my family members used to cover their nose and mouth with handkerchiefs whenever sneezing and coughing.

During COVID-19, my entire family stays away from social events and crowded places.

Joint Family Benefits

In the family, even when the parents do not live in the house, the children remain under the supervision of the grandparents or other elders so that they do not feel alone.

In the presence of the family, children get a playable environment at home.

The benefit of living in a family is that when a person is older, he gets full support from his family.

Joint Family Losses

Due to a large number of members in the family, the financial condition may be weak.

With more people living together in the family, there are more possibilities of mutual differences.

Sometimes due to the low income of a family member, he starts feeling smaller than others in the family.


My family stands on a solid rule of tradition, humility, empathy, and unity. Relationships and families are built by love and trust. The family is responsible for the physical, economic, and intellectual development of life.

Essay on My Family in English 300 Words

Family is very important in the life of every person. Family is the only formula that teaches us to respect elders and loves younger ones. All family members are equal sharers of happiness and sorrow. All the people in the family face every difficulty together. Every person loves his family very much and I am also very attached to my family.

My family is a joint and big family. In my family, there are grandparents, mother-father, uncle-aunt and we are two siblings.  All the members of the family live in love with each other. Our family is a perfect and happy family.

Grandparents are elders and respected members of the family. Other family members respect him a lot.  Everyone considers it their duty to follow his advice. My father is a businessman. He has his own shop in the city where he visits regularly. My uncle is an engineer in the electricity department. My mother and aunt take care of the housework. We are two siblings studying in two different schools.  We study and play together at home.

They all teach me the importance of discipline and good habits.  It is because of them that I have learned the values ​​of life. The younger respects the elders and the elders love the younger ones. All family work is done on time. Time to eat, play and sleep is fixed.

Family is the greatest gift of nature. It is the first learning place.  It may be how to speak walk and behave. The child also learns to overcome challenges solve problems and make decisions. It is important that the grown-up members of the family practice the values and actions that they want their children to learn. The interactions among the family members develop close bonds of love and affection that continue throughout life.

Essay on My Family in English 100 Words

My family is small and belongs to the middle-class category. There are 8 members in my family Grandparents, Parents, Uncle, Aunty, Me, and my Sister. My father is a driver and my mother is a professional nurse. My grandfather is a lawyer and my grandmother is a housewife. My uncle is a railway employee and my aunt is a teacher. Me and my sister study in the same school.

My family members love, respect, and care for each other. Whenever we have a school holiday, all our family members go for a picnic together. Family provides protection to a person from external evil and dangers. I pray to God every day for the happiness of my family. Family plays an important role in the development of any developed country.


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