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Essay on My Best Friend Students and Children

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My best friend’s name is Mukesh. He is my good friend and takes great care of me. I met him in class four and then we both became good friends. He lives with his parents in the apartment near to my house. I like his nature a lot. True friendship is very much needed for all of us to get the right direction and move forward in life.

We are both friends are connected together from our early education. Now both friends study in the same college. He helps when you are in trouble. He removes your problems and also gives you solace. It is a little difficult to identify which friend is our true friend, but with the passage of time, we ourselves realize who is our best friend.

I consider myself lucky to have found such a good friend. We both support each other in every good and bad situation. I am sure that our friendship will remain like this for life.

Qualities of My Best Friend

Mukesh belongs to a middle-class family, but his entire family is educated and cultured. My friend’s father is a doctor and his mother is a housewife. He is better than me in studies but I am better than him in sports. He is also very strong physically. He gets up every morning and exercises.

Essay on My Best friend

Whenever I had any problem in studies, he comes to my house and helps me to study. Due to which he passed with good marks in the 10th annual examination. When we both sit together and talk, we do not even know the time. He loves to travel and read. He is a very nice person and helps everyone.

Importance of friendship

Family is the most important thing in everyone’s life. Friendship is the only relation after the family which is closest to our heart. When you are upset, you can reduce the burden of your mind by telling the matter to your friend. We get positive energy from friends. My friendship with Mukesh with 14 years old.

Example of true friendship

Many examples of friendship are also seen on the pages of history. Such friendship will be remembered for many centuries.

Shri Krishna and Sudama

Krishna and Sudama were true friends since childhood. When both went to the ashram of Muni Sandipani to get an education, they became friends there. After becoming the king of Dwarka, Krishna played his friendship and removed all the troubles of Sudama’s life.

Akbar and Birbal

The friendship of Akbar and Birbal is very famous. Birbal was one of the Navaratnas of Akbar’s court. His stories are very funny which we still read today. Akbar and Birbal had a very close friendship.


The one who shows us the right path, supports us in trouble, listens and understands our words, is our best friend. A good friend always protects us from evil and inspires us to move forward in life. We have different likes and dislikes, yet we are best friends.

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