Essay on Mobile Phone for Students and Children 500+ Words

Essay on Mobile Phone in English for Students and Children


The invention of the mobile phone has given a new look to the whole world.  It has made the life of humans very easy due to which it has become a part of today’s life. Actually mobile is very important, but it is good if we use mobile in the right way only when needed for a limited time.  If we use mobile more than the limit, then it can have very bad consequences.

The invention of the Mobile Phone

The radio was invented before the invention of the mobile phone, due to which the invention of the mobile phone was invented and before this telephone was invented, which we could talk only after connecting it with a cable, but with the passage of time, the first mobile was invented.

The first mobile phone was invented in 1973 by a company named Motorola, which was jointly made by Jhon F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper.

Facts of Mobile Phone

The importance of mobile phones has increased so much that today two-thirds of the world’s population is connected to mobile phones.  This means that more than 500 crore people use mobile phones all over the world, out of which 100 crores are the people of our country of India.

Essay on Mobile Phone

At present, leaving the mobile behind, the mobile has been replaced by the smartphone, whose running growth in our country is increasing at the rate of 16%.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

  • The first advantage of a mobile phone is that with this we can talk to any person in the world without going to him.
  • The mobile phone being small in size fits easily in our pocket which is very convenient.
  • We can use mobile as a calculator in business.
  • Using this we can send messages to each other.
  • On mobile, we can use the internet so that we can read all the information available on the internet.
  • Mobile phones are now being used for women’s safety as well, with the help of some apps, at the press of a button, the message reaches the acquaintances so that acquaintances can quickly reach for the help of the woman.
  • If we go to any new place, then with the help of mobile we can also see our current location on the map.
  • These days mobile phones are used for various official purposes.  Schedule meetings, send and receive documents, give presentations, alarm, job applications, etc.
  • Nowadays, with the use of mobile, we can easily do money transactions without even going to the bank.
  • We can also do online shopping sitting at home with mobile phones.
  • Today’s smart mobile phone can easily do almost all the tasks on the computer.

Disadvantages of mobile phones

  • Excessive use of mobile phones weakens the eyes, which can cause problems of low vision in the future.
  • Nowadays students keep playing games on mobile all day, due to which their mind is not able to concentrate on studies.
  • In today’s time, we save everything on mobile and do not try to remember.  Due to this our memory starts getting weak.
  • Today’s generation has become so addicted to the smartphone that they keep checking their mobile again and again without any reason due to which they are not able to do their important work properly.
  • Nowadays people keep talking on mobile while driving, due to which their attention gets distracted and accidents happen.
  • The hearing power of youth is getting weak due to listening to songs from mobile with earphones.
  • Radiation from mobile is very harmful to our health.
  • Excessive use of smartphones wastes time because most people waste their precious time looking at the phone even after the work is done.

Ways to avoid the bad effects of mobile phones

  • Make a list of the day’s work.
  • Use a clock.
  • Remove unnecessary applications from mobile.
  • Spend less time on social media.
  • Keep push notifications off while you work.
  • Talk to your family members and spend time with your kids.  Do not use your mobile phone when you come home.
  • Go for a walk in the morning and evening.


The mobile phone is such a technology given by science in this scientific era, which is good only if we use it properly or else it has many side effects too. If the mobile is used properly then it is no less than a boon, but if it is used excessively then it is the house of disease and separates you from the world.

Using too much can cause a lot of problems for us.  That is why all of us should use mobile very rarely and only when needed.













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