Essay on lockdown in English 500 Words

Essay on Lockdown for students and children  in 500 Words

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Essay on Lockdown – The lockdown is the first time in the history of mankind where everyone has been advised to stay indoors under section 144 in the entire country. Lockdown refers to an emergency when citizens of a country cannot go outside their homes. This has been done because such a deadly virus has attacked that millions of people have lost their lives all over the world.

Essay on Lockdown

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lock-down on the 24th March of the month.  This was a historic step taken by Modi Ji and he did it to save the country from the do not stop Pandemic.

Starting of Lockdown

The outbreak of Coronavirus first occurred in Wuhan, China on 31 December 2019.  Given the rapid growth of Coronavirus infection, China announced a lockdown for the first time in Wuhan and also a lockdown in several provinces around it.

Benefits of lockdown

We got that great moment in the first 21 days of LockDown, in which we had a great time with my family, some people learned to cook food by watching videos from YouTube.  Some people enjoyed games with their children, such as Karma video games. Due to the holiday in school, the teachers sitting at home resorted to online classes so that there was no hindrance in the education of the students.

Due to the lockdown, patients of Coronavirus declined and the risk of spreading the infection decreased.  Lockdown prohibited the running of large factories and vehicles.  Due to which pollution decreased.  Due to lockdown, the polluted environment is purified in every way.

Loss from lockdown

Lockdown has the most impact on the economy of a country because when we go to work, then the country moves forward and when all the people of the country are in their homes, all the factories are closed, all the work is stopped then the country  Growth also stagnates and this causes huge damage to the economy.

Essay on Lockdown

Lockdown reduces the GDP growth rate of a country.  We can go back many years compared to other countries, but there is probably nothing more than life and this is understood by the leaders of our country and that is why this step has been taken in our own interest.

Small laborers, women, people working on daily wages have been most affected by this lockdown.  His situation is such that if he stays at home, he will die of hunger, and if he stays outside from this pandemic.


In 2 months, the number of infections and deaths in China declined sharply, proving that the lockdown is effective in reducing the effects of the virus.  Subsequently, other countries also resorted to lockdown to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

In order to control the outbreak of Corona, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi had announced a LockDown across India, in which every citizen of the country followed the instructions made by him.

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