Essay on Health is Wealth in English for Students 500 Words

Essay on Health is Wealth in English for Students and Children


Essay on Health is Wealth – Someone has rightly said that if health is gone, everything is gone. Life loses interest if you are deprived of good health. You enjoy neither the food nor the world. Even spending time happily becomes a big problem. A healthy person leads a happier and more peaceful life than any rich person with a diseased body. That is why we can say that the real wealth of a person is his good health. If you are strong and healthy you can be a great example to others and teach them how to achieve good health.

The meaning of health is wealth

Health is wealth is a famous saying which means health is everything. Being healthy means that we are socially, mentally, and physically healthy. If we are not healthy then money means nothing to us. Health is our real wealth.

Essentials for good health

Good health can not be purchased even by a rich man. Sound healthy requires light, air, good food, cleanliness, cheerfulness, and exercise. The sunlight is the main source of light. Without proper sunlight, our body parts do not work properly. Air is the base of our life.

Essay on Health is Wealth

We must go for a morning walk so that we may inhale pure and unpolluted air which is essential for our life. Good food gives us energy. Cleanliness makes us healthy in our life. Cheerfulness is essential to enjoy sound healthy. Exercise is very useful for health.

Importance of exercise

The Present age is the age of impurities and pollution. There is nothing pure and unadulterated. Exercise can play a very important role in the maintenance of health because it removes away many diseases and create new blood pathways to keep the heart active.

Avoidance of intoxicants

We should not take intoxicants such as wine, tobacco, etc because smoking and drinking raise blood pressure higher compel the heart to beat faster. So we should avoid intoxicants to enjoy good health.

Games and sports

Games and sports play a very important part in the preservation of good health. They help us to digest what we eat. If a person cannot digest his food, he will fall ill and lose his wealth.

Adherence to a healthy lifestyle

People should follow a healthy lifestyle to attain good health. People who are not involved in a healthy lifestyle can suffer from overweight, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney problems. Today unhealthy body gets tired very easily and the tired body easily loses motivation and confidence.

Health is a great blessing of God. Good health is essential for maintaining a healthy life and a disciplined life. We should take care of our health and for this, we should always take a simple and balanced diet.


A healthy person can earn a lot of money, but an unhealthy person is unable to do so due to a lack of motivation and concentration level. Money is the source of a healthy life, but good health is the source of living a happy and peaceful life. That is why good health is so important.  More than the money we should all maintain our good health to be wealthy in a real way.






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