Essay on Global Warming in English for Students and Children 500+ words

Essay on Global Warming in 500 Words for Students

This essay on global warming in English is beneficial for students


Essay on Global Warming – The world is facing the problem of global warming due to the continuous increase in the surface temperature of the earth. Due to which the existence of life on earth is in danger. Global warming is a major environmental and social issue all over the world.

It is believed that the increasing levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases on Earth are the main causes of the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. If this is not taken care of and not resolved immediately it will lead to the end of life on earth.

Due to global warming

  • Increase in carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.
  • Continues cutting of trees.
  • Due to the continuous increase in population, the carbon dioxide released by human breath is rapidly spreading in the atmosphere.
  • Carbon dioxide absorbs the heat of the sun, which increases global warming.
  • Trees take in carbon dioxide and release clean air for us.  But if there are no trees and plants, then from where will we get pure air.
  • Smoke from factories containing large amounts of carbon dioxide gas.
  • The ozone layer is getting holes due to less oxygen in the atmosphere.

Effects of global warming

  • Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth is increasing continuously.
  • Due to global warming, the snow on the mountains is melting continuously.  Due to which the water level in the sea is rising, which will increase the risk of flooding.
  • Global warming has also affected human health.  In this, many deadly diseases are taking human beings in their grip.
  • Drought occurs due to global warming.  The flora and fauna are destroyed.
  • Climate change is seen due to global warming.  It is very cold in winter and it is very hot in summer.
  • Global warming will increase the risk of earthquakes and strong storms.

Measures to stop global warming

Plant more and more trees because this is our life, the tree gives us oxygen, yet no one wants to plant trees but is bent on cutting them. How sad we are strangling our earth with our own hands.

Essay on Global Warming

Friends, you must plant at least one tree in your home.  By stopping the cutting of trees and spreading pollution to a minimum, then only this earth can be saved from global warming.

Environmental awareness among people is very important

Friends, our industries have contributed a lot to making our environment unhealthy.  Large quantities of smoke are released in factories, due to which they spread in the environment and cause pollution.  There are many such factories from which wastewater is released, due to which that contaminated water gets mixed in our rivers.

Our factories will have to make such arrangements so that the air and water coming out of them can be removed to one place and so that our environment is not harmed.


The only solution to solve the issue of global warming is individual-level social awareness. People should be aware of its meaning, causes, ill effects, and other things about global warming so that it can be finished from all over the world. By making small changes in our lives, we can all be able to prevent huge negative changes in the environment by reducing the effects of global warming.












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