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Essay on  Football in English For Students

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Essay on Football 100 Words

Football is an outdoor game played by two teams. There are 11 players in each team in this game. This game is played with a ball. This game is played by almost every small or big country. This game is liked by millions of people. This game is the most popular game in the world.

Essay on Football

This game is played on a field that has a goal post at each end. The game is played over a period of 90 minutes. The main objective of this game is to score goals, whichever team scores more goals, wins and the one who scores fewer goals loses. This game is played by both the teams with legs. This is one of the most exciting and challenging games which is generally liked by everyone especially kids.

Essay on Football 200 Words

This game is played outside the house in a big field. Football is the most famous sport in the world even in this modern era. This game is played in 2 teams.  There are 11 eleven players on each team. This game is played by the feet. The history of the game of football is very old and according to the football organization FIFA, the game originated in China. By the middle of the 19th century, the game had begun to be played in public schools in England.

In today’s time, people get so busy with other things that they start neglecting their health. This has a bad effect on our mental and physical health. Playing football develops the immunity of children, which helps in fighting diseases like the corona epidemic.

Generally in our country, people have like hockey, cricket, kho-kho, but at present, there is a lot of interest among children and youth towards football. For this reason, this game has become very popular in India as well.  Nowadays children can be seen playing football games on the field. This game is also very popular in India, but football is played the most in Bengal.  Football is the national sport of Russia.

Essay on Football 500 Word

Football is a very famous sport that attracts the attention of people all over the world. It is played with full interest by the youth in different countries. This sport makes a person physically, mentally, and financially strong. This game teaches us to work as a team. This game is played by kicking a ball with the feet, hence it is called the game of football.

Football is an outdoor game played by players of two teams on the field. Two teams are required to play this game and one team consists of 11 players and each team has 1 goalkeeper who catches the ball.  This game is being played for many years in different cities and towns of many countries.

History of Football

Most of the games were invented by Greece. Football is considered an ancient Greek sport. Everyone knows that the Greeks were great players. There are many other sports like football. The beginning of this game and the first rule of the game was prepared by England. In ancient times football was not made of leather. At that time Football was made from the bladder of a pig. This game is 700 to 800 years old.  Although the favorite sport of the whole world for more than 100 years. The Football Association was formed in England to play the game as a rule.

The measurement of the Playground

Length of the ground – 91 to 120 meters

Width of the ground – 45 to 91 meters

Weights of the ball – 396 to 453 grams

Circumference of the ball – 68 to 71 cm

Football in India

Durand cup tournament, the oldest football tournament of India and the second oldest tournament in the world was started in 1888. Durand cup tournament was first organized at Shimla and is being held in Delhi since 1940.

The trophy award in their competition is called the Santosh Trophy, which was donated in the memory of Manmath Nath Chaudhary. In India, the Indian football association organizes National Football Championship.

Winners of Football World Cup

Year Place Mascot Winner Runners up
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1934 Italy Italy Czechoslovakia
1938 France Italy Hungary
1942 Canceled due to  2nd World war
1946 Canceled due to 2nd World war
1950 Brazil Uruguay Brazil
1954 Switzerland West Germany Hungary
1958 Sweden Brazil Sweden
1962 Chile Brazil Czechoslovakia
1966 England Willie England West Germany
1970 Mexico Juanito Brazil Italy
1974 West Germany Tip & Tap West Germany Holland
1978 Argentina Gauchito Argentina Holland
1982 Spain Naranjito Italy West Germany
1986 Mexico Pique Argentina West Germany
1990 Italy Ciao West Germany Argentina
1994 USA Striker Brazil Italy
1998 France Footix France Brazil
2002 Japan & S.Korea Ato ,Kaz & Nik Brazil Germany
2006 Germany Goleo Italy France
2010 South Africa Zakumi Spain Netherlands
2014 Brazil Fuleco Germany Argentina
2018 Russia Zabivaka France Croatia
2022 Qatar

Benefits of Playing Football

There are many benefits to playing the game of football. The biggest benefit of this game is increases mutual brotherhood and love between the two countries. This game develops team spirit. Our body remains healthy by playing this game.

Playing this game wastes a lot of energy which burns extra calories for the players and gives them good health. It provides mental and physical strength. It provides psychological and social benefits to the players by dealing with frustration, courage, and practice, etc.

Famous Football Players

Baichung Bhutia Mevalal, Arun Ghosh, Manjit Singh, Ronaldo, and Messi, etc.


It is a competition game usually played by any team for fun and enjoyment. This game creates a distinct identity of the players in society at the national and international levels. This is a very exciting and challenging game. To play this game, we have to use our running speed. Running keeps our bodies healthy.

At present most people spend their time playing games on computer and mobile which has a lot of bad effects on our health. That’s why we should pay attention to the games played in the fields.


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