Essay on Environment for Students and Children 500 words

Essay on Environment in English for Students and Children


Essay on Environment – All kinds of natural elements which make life possible like water, air, land, light, fire, forest, animals, trees, etc. all come under the environment.  It is believed that Earth is the only planet on which there is life and the environment is there to maintain the existence of life. Whatever is around us, such as natural and man-made things of biotic and inorganic components, etc. all these we call the environment, surrounds us

Importance of environment in our life

The environment is very important in our life.  Green trees and plants are an integral part of our life. Human life cannot be imagined without nature.  Water, land, air, fire, sky is the life of a human being from these five elements and after the end of life, he merges in them.

We are from the environment, the environment is very important for everyone’s life because life on earth is possible only from the environment. All human beings, animals, natural vegetation, trees and plants, climate, weather are all contained within the environment.

Environment not only works to maintain balance in the climate but also provides all the things necessary for life. Our environment plays an important role in the existence of healthy life on earth.

Benefits to the environment

Our environment is very beneficial for us.  We get clean air from the environment.  We breathe air every moment.  We cannot live without water, it is part of the environment. There is no need to tell how beneficial trees and plants are for us.  The greenery of trees and plants removes the stress of the mind and gives peace to the mind.

The environment is helpful in the development of human beings, animals, and other animals.  Human beings are also an important part of the environment.  Being a component of the environment, we should also promote the environment.

Human impact on the environment

Global warming is the most prominent of the human effects on the environment.  Today human beings have polluted the environment in the name of development and industrialization. Today the problem of pollution has taken a serious form.  Today humans are directly or indirectly harming the biological environment, ecosystem, biological diversity, and natural resources. Along with this, human activities like population explosion and deforestation cause damage to the environment.

essay on environment day

Man is considered to be the most intelligent creature created by nature.  He made technological development from science on one side, urbanization and industrialization on the other side. The smoke, contaminants, etc. emitted from the industry are giving rise to pollution.  Due to this water pollution and air pollution have happened.  Deforestation has caused soil pollution.  This type of pollution is not a problem of any village city but a problem of the world.

Environmental protection measures

For the bright future of human life, it is very important to protect the environment.  For this, we should properly dispose of the contaminants and smoke coming out of the industry. Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the environment.  More and more trees should be planted.  The indiscriminate felling of trees should be stopped.  The vehicle should be used only in times of extreme need.  Strict laws should be made for the disposal of contaminated and poisonous substances.

Apart from this, World Environment Day is celebrated every year from June 5 to June 16 with the aim of making people aware of the importance of the environment and spreading awareness about it.  On this occasion, awareness programs are also organized at many places.


Environment not only takes care of our health as a mother but also provides us peace and happiness mentally. The environment is an integral part of human life. That is why we should always be ready to protect the environment. we have to maintain the reality of the environment.

The environment is precious to us.  He has given us a lot.  We can survive only because of the environment.  The environment is our life, so we have to fulfill the responsibility of making the environment free from pollution.


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