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The election is the process of selecting a person by the people of the nation.  People express their political views through elections. Public voting plays an important role in choosing the right leader for the state or country.  The political leaders elected by the people are responsible for executing various functions in the state in the interest of the public. That is why the elected leaders hold public office and have all the rights.

Essay on Election

Elections hold a very important place in any democratic country and because India is also known as the largest democracy in the world.  That is why elections are considered very important in India. Since independence, elections have been held in India many times and they have done an important job of accelerating the development of the country. It is the election process, due to which things like good governance, law and order, and transparency have been promoted in India.

Importance of Election

Elections in a democratic country directly help in maintaining democracy by involving its citizens in choosing the government for the country. There is a peaceful and skillful way of electing political leaders.  Apart from this, the citizens of a nation choose a leader by casting their vote. In this way, citizens are able to choose a person. That is why people are able to use their willpower in political leadership.

Types of elections in India

The major types of elections held in India are the President, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislature, and local bodies. The elections in which the public is directly involved are the general elections and the state assembly to elect the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of the state respectively.

Why do we need elections?

Elections are considered the essence of democracy and are the method by which most of the world’s governments are formed. It not only helps the public to choose the representative of their choice but also keeps a check on them. Election plays an important role in a country.

Voting in India

Voting rights are an important part of elections. Suffrage refers to the right to vote in elections. The question of who to vote for is certainly an important issue. Almost all countries prohibit a person under the age of majority from voting.  For example, in India, voting can be done from the age of 18.

Every citizen of a nation has the right to cast his vote to choose a suitable leader for his nation. Therefore, the right to vote for the best person is in the hands of the people who actually deserve public office.

What is the role of the Election Commission of India?

The Election Commission of India is the supreme autonomous electoral agency of India which is involved in the supervision and administration of the entire election process. The Election Commission of India was established on 25 January 1950.

It has been entrusted with the responsibility of providing constitutional status to political parties, completing the nomination process, implementing the model code of conduct, looking after the complete voting process, declaration of results as well as ensuring a free, fair, and transparent election process.


Elections and election campaigns indicate the presence of a healthy democracy in a country. It gives a fair choice to the public to vote for the right candidate and a stable government. It is this election process that has strengthened the foundation of democracy in India day by day. This is the reason why elections hold such an important place in Indian democracy.


Q1. When was the Election Commission of India established?

Answer: 25 January 1950

Q2. Where is the headquarters of the Election Commission of India?

Answer: New Delhi

Q3. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India now?

Answer: Sushil Chandra ( 24th)

Q4. Who is the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?

Answer: Sunil Arora


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