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Essay on Earthquake for Students and Children

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Earthquakes occur when tectonic plates shift and push against each other. Earthquake is considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters. An earthquake occurs when there is movement from inside the earth due to hot materials.

Essay on Earthquake

An earthquake is a natural disaster capable of causing huge destruction and there is no way to prevent it from happening. Many innocent lives have been lost and the property has been damaged due to the earthquake.

What is an earthquake?

In simple words, the shaking of the earth is called an earthquake. Earthquake tremors must have occurred on every part of the earth at one time or another. Earthquakes are of both low and heavy intensity. When a low-intensity earthquake occurs, the earth only feels shaking and has no side effects. Whereas high-intensity earthquakes cause heavy damage, weak houses collapse, huge damage to property, many humans and animals die.

Types of earthquakes

There are basically four types of earthquakes such as a tectonic, volcanic, collapse, and explosive. All these types have different reasons behind groundbreaking. Earthquakes also cause landslides in mountainous areas and mountains. It causes great harm to mankind and property.

Earthquake  areas in India

Almost every part of India has been hit by earthquakes at some point or the other. While some areas of the country are more prone to earthquakes. Some of the earthquake-prone areas in the country include Srinagar, Mumbai, Delhi, Guwahati, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Patna, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram. Strong earthquake tremors were felt in all these areas in the past.

Earthquake measurement

The severity of an earthquake is measured with the Richter scale.  A strong earthquake has a high value on the Richter scale while a low earthquake has a low value. An earthquake measuring six to seven on the Richter scale has the potential to cause damage to life and property. Whereas an earthquake measuring 4 to 5 on the Richter scale may cause only a few tremors.

What to do during an earthquake?

If you are outside and feel an earthquake, move as far away from the building or trees as you can. If you get caught in an earthquake inside a building, your best option is to hide under a table and bed, etc. If you are driving and feel an earthquake, move as fast as possible away from buildings and other appropriate structures and stay inside the vehicle.

Earthquake an unpredictable disaster

Earthquakes are usually unpredictable and thus they are considered dangerous because people do not get any warning before this.  Earthquakes cause severe damage to buildings, homes, and other properties. The earthquake not only kills life but also destroys the hard work of man over the years.  Bihar has witnessed major devastating earthquakes. It also causes tsunamis in the oceans.  Are high sea waves a result of an underwater earthquake?


The government should take measures to reduce the destruction caused by this natural calamity. Earthquake is very terrible and cannot be controlled in any way. Various man-made activities also give rise to such natural calamities which must be controlled to avoid such dangerous situations.

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