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Essay on e-RUPI Digital Payment for Students and Children

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Why is e – RUPI in News?

A digital payment platform based on electronic voucher e-RUPI has been launched by the Government of India. This is India’s first step as the country’s own digital currency. Before India, many other countries are using voucher systems for example Sweden, the US, Chile, Columbia, Hong Kong, etc.

What is e – RUPI?

A digital platform has been launched by Prime Minister Modi named e-RUPI Digital Payment. It is a cashless and countless medium for digital payments, which has been launched for India. This is a voucher that is completely based on QR code or SMS string, it can be used through mobile. Its special thing is that internet and bank account will not be required to use it.

Full form of e – RUPI

e – RUPI: – Electronic Rupee Unified Payment Interface. Although officially its full form has not been released, according to its name, which should be its full form.

Essay on e-RUPI Digital Payment


The objective of e – RUPI Digital Platform

The main objective of the digital payment system is to develop a cashless and contactless payment system in the country. With the help of a digital payment system, citizens can process payments anywhere without any difficulty and this system has become very easy and secure.

How does e – RUPI work

Suppose the government wants to give money to poor farmers to get urea. The easiest way is to transfer money to everyone’s account.  The trouble with this is that many people still do not have a bank account. It will also not be ensured by the government whether the money sent has been used by the person to buy urea or whether it has been used for any other purpose. In this situation, e – RUPI will become in work.

e – RUPI will work to completely digitally connect both the service provider and the service taker. This voucher can be used by the same person. On whose mobile SMS or QR code has been sent by e – RUPI. After the use of that voucher, the issuing organization will also be notified that this e-voucher has been used.

Advantages of e – RUPI

  • Government employees have been caught many times taking bribes that its danger can be eliminated by using e – RUPI.
  • According to the government, welfare schemes can be delivered through e – RUPI without any leakage. Examples of Welfare schemes are Child Welfare Scheme, TV Elimination Programs, Ayushman  Bharat, etc.
  • Whether the voucher has been used or not can also be tracked.

e – RUPI Digital Payment Detail

Name e – RUPI Digital Payment
Launched By PM Narendra Modi
Medium Through Video Conference
Launched Date 2 August 2021
Department National Payment Corporation of India
Official Website .in

Benefits for consumers

Due to the digital payment platform, the consumer will not be required to share any of his personal details.No application and bank account will be required to make digital payments. There are more special benefits for the consumers inside this digital payment system examples are hospitals, industries, etc.

Who will use the voucher?

NPCI will implement the digital payment system on its UPI platform.  A tie-up has been made with the bank for this. If any corporate or government agency wants to issue an e – RUPI voucher, then they have to tie up with these partner banks.

How to download e – RUPI application

The simple procedure to download the e – RUPI Mobile Application is given below.

  • e – RUPI mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and can be run on Android or other phones.
  •  Going to the play store, you have to type e – RUPI digital payment.  After that click on the search button.  A list of applications will appear in front of you, out of which click on the first option.
  • Click on the Install button to download e-RUPI Mobile Application on your phone.

Frequently asked Questions

Q:  What is e – RUPI?

Ans: It is such a digital payment system issued by the Government of India through which cashless and contactless payment can be done.

Q: e – RUPI is developed on which platform?

Ans: On UPI  Platform

Q: e – RUPI is started by whom?

Ans : Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Q: e – RUPI will work under?

Ans: NPCI ( National Payment Corporation of India)

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