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Essay on Drone Technology for Students and Children

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What is Drone Technology 

A drone is an electronic gadget that you can fly in the sky with the help of a remote. Drones also have four wings similar to a helicopter, hence it is also known as Quadcopter. These four wings were used to lift and propel the drone. With the help of a computer or remote, the speed, direction, etc. of the drone can be controlled very easily. In technical language, a drone is an unmanned aircraft. Drones are known by many other names like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAVs) or Unmanned Aircraft Systems ( UASs).

Essay on Drone Technology

In real terms, a drone is a robot that is controlled by humans. It is a flying robot designed by humans to perform their tasks. Drones are used in such situations which are far from human reach or rather risky and difficult. Drones are used by the investigative agencies of our country for 14 hours of surveillance. Drones are now used for search, rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, and weather monitoring, etc. That is why it is also called the eye of the sky.

Types of Drone Technology

There are many types of drones, but they are mainly divided into three parts.

Single Rotor Helicopter – Single routers are a type of small helicopter. In this rotor is used, with the help of which the direction is controlled very easily. The specialty of this rotor is that it is more efficient than multi-rotors and it can fly for a long time as well as run on both gas and electricity. In this, quadcopters are used because it is more stable.

Multi-Rotor Drones – Multirotor drones are used the most in this world. This type of rotor is used by professionals and hobbyists. This type of rotor is most commonly used for aerial photography, aerial traffic, surveillance, etc. There are many such drones available in the market, which range in price from $50 to around $3000.They also have many drawbacks  Like flying time, stamina and speed are very limited.  It is not used in large-scale projects.  As such not suitable for long-distance aerial mapping and monitoring. At present, such rotors can only fly for 20 to 30 minutes.

Fixed Wing Drones – The design and construction of this drone are completely different from the multirotor drone. Wings are used in fixed-wing drones like aeroplanes wings. It does not require a runway to take off like a multirotor. The specialty of this drone is that it does not have to use energy to fight air and counter gravity. This drone can fly for more than about 16 hours. This type of drone is more used for long-distance operation as the flying time and fuel efficiency of this type of drone is very good.

What is needed to make a drone?

The items required to make a drone are something like chassis, propellers, motors, radio receiver, battery, electronic speed controller, flight controllers, and a camera, etc.

Disadvantages of using Drone Technology

The biggest disadvantage of drones is that they can be hacked and the confidential information available in them can be obtained.

In today’s time, many terrorist organizations can also use not only for spy with the help of drones but can also be attacked with the help of it if needed.

Many times birds collide while flying drones, which causes great damage to the birds, and sometimes they even lose their lives.

What are the applications of Drone Technology?

Military Surveillance – The drone was made for military use only. Drones were first used by the British and US military in 1940.  To spy on-axis power. Today’s drones have become more advanced than the earlier drones. Drones are used by the military for accurate information about enemies. The biggest advantage of the drone to the military of any country is that it can be easily espionage and guarded without any noise.

Dangerous Areas Survey – Drones are used to survey the Dangerous Area, whereas earlier humans go to such dangerous places themselves. With the use of this device, those parts of the earth can be easily detected which are dangerous for humans. This technology is used by many big organizations like NASA, ISRO, etc. to locate dangerous objects under the earth.

Home Delivery Services – In today’s time drones are being used by big companies to deliver the product to their customers. Drones used in business are specially made to lift heavyweights. There are some companies that use them for home delivery of medicines, foods, and books, etc.

Traffic Monitoring – Drones are used by many countries for traffic monitoring. Drones are used for traffic monitoring due to their simplicity, mobility, and ability to cover large areas. With the help of drones, we can identify and track any vehicle.

Law Enforcement – Drones are used to detect terrorists and criminals hidden inside the country. Its biggest advantage is that it becomes easy to track the location of any criminal. This is the best use of drones.

India’s Drone Technology Policy

Let us tell you that a drone policy has been made on 1 December 2018 to fly drones in India, in which some rules have been made.  You all have to follow them. According to this policy, if a person wants to fly a drone, then he should be at least 18 years old and at the same time, he should have passed the 10th standard and should have knowledge of basic things related to drones. According to this policy, some zones have been set for flying drones like the red zone, yellow zone, green zone, etc.


In the time of covid – 19, drones were used to carry an object from one lab to another. The biggest benefit of drones is that drones are used by the military of our country for the security of the country. Drones are used to capture live events. Drones are used to monitor wildlife. Drones are a better way for these organizations to keep an eye on them without disturbing the peace. Drones are used by many countries for agricultural-related tasks such as spraying pesticides and taking care of crops etc.


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