Essay on Dowry system in English for Student and Children 500+words

Essay on Dowry System 500+ Words for Student

This essay on dowry system in English is beneficial for students.


Essay on Dowry System – The gift given by the bride to the groom on the occasion of marriage is called dowry. The Dowry system is going on in our society since ancient times. The Dowry system was started as a civilized process to help the girls financially as they start their life afresh. Today it has taken the form of evil.

Dowry system is a social evil

The Dowry system is one of the prevalent evils in society. Basically, only the bride’s clothes, jewelry, and some gifts are given as dowry. But today in the name of dowry, jewelry, cash, furniture, property, and other valuables things are given by the bride’s family to the groom as well as his parents and siblings.

All this if gifted with your own pleasure.  As long as there is no greed for the groom’s family, then it does not cause any trouble for the girl and her family members.  But when all this is done to fulfill the demand of the groom, then it keeps opening the doors of new troubles for the girl every day. When demand is fulfilled, the bridegroom’s spirits become high.

Every day they start harassing the daughter-in-law by placing new demands. Some people value the groom as a dowry according to his ability.  Due to which an educated and intelligent girl cannot be married to a suitable boy due to not being able to pay dowry.

Bad Consequences of dowry system

The dowry system has very disgusting consequences. A father adds his entire life’s earnings for the marriage of his daughter.  The boy does not remove any deficiency, so he also takes a loan.

Yet her daughter is taunted day and night in her in-laws’ house that after all, what have your parents given in marriage? Due to the non-fulfillment of dowry demands, the daughter-in-law is harassed mentally so much that she gets fed up and decides to commit suicide.

Every day we hear such news that the daughter-in-law was beaten up for not giving dowry. Today another girl was burnt in the fire of dowry in her in-laws’ house.

Essay on Dowry system

The daughter-in-law is being treated like an ATM machine.  Pressed the button of harassment every month and the money came into the house. There are some people in society who say while having a relationship that we are strictly against dowry.  We don’t want anything and soon after getting married we start demanding lakhs of rupees and keep harassing the girl mentally.

Measures to stop dowry system

There are many such social organizations in the country that are doing good work in this field.  There is also a need for women’s education and empowerment. Gender inequality has to be removed from society. Dowry harassment cases can definitely be brought down by making the youth aware.

Although there is a provision of severe punishment in the constitution also if found guilty of dowry, the laws are not strictly followed. In this case, there is a need to make such a law that ensures the safety of the daughter in the in-laws’ house and people had to think 10 times before demanding dowry and still ask for it.


The dowry system is a cause of pain for the girl and her family. The youth should take a vow that they will accept the girl in marriage without any demand and will never give mental pain to the wife due to dowry. A woman who is mentally and physically healthy is the basis of a happy family. The government and the general public need to stand together to end this system.





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