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Essay on Cricket Match in English for Students

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Essay on Cricket Match – Cricket is a professional-level outdoor sport played by many countries at the national and international levels. Almost all types of sports are played in our Indian country, but the most popular of them all is cricket which is liked by small children to elders. This game is played in the form of Test matches, ODI, and T20 International matches. The game of cricket is being played in India for many years.  The number of spectators who come to the stadium to watch this game hardly goes to any other game.

Earlier this game was played very rarely but today it has ruled the hearts of so many people. Young children in India are crazy about this game and they play it in small open spaces especially on roads and parks. The cricket match is a simple game in which there are few players who divided into two teams.Bat and ball are needed to play this game.

History of Cricket

It is believed that cricket was started in England in 1300 A.D. It started as a game of shepherds and became popular among other classes in the 18th century. After some time a club knows as Marylebone cricket club was formed at Lords in London.

Cricket became popular in Australia due to British influence there. The first official cricket test match was playing in the year 1887 between Australia and England in Melbourne.

The name of the first cricket organization of India was Kolkata Cricket Club. In 1797 this game was started to be played in Mumbai. . The Board of Control for Cricket in India was formed in 1927. the first ODI cricket is match was played in the year 1971 between England vs Australia in Melbourne. when some other countries like West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc started playing cricket. The first T20 cricket is match was played in the year 2007.

Types of Cricket

There are three types of cricket games played at the international level. Test match, ODI match, and T20 have also been started a few years back. Along with this, different types of trophies are organized throughout the year in our country.  Many cricket competitions are organized in India under the name of Ranji Trophy, Rani Jhansi Trophy,  Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and Abdul Gold Cup, etc.

Impact of cricket on people

Young boys are very much influenced by this game and almost everyone wants to be a good cricketer. This game is played by the youth of India with full joy and enthusiasm. A cricket match brings a lot of excitement and passion among the fans. The national sport of India is hockey but cricket is the one that rules the hearts of Indians.

Nowadays many business tycoons are investing in cricket teams to gain more popularity and earn more cash. Cricket is considered a religion in India and players are considered as God. During the World Cup, everyone leaves all the work and sits down to watch the match. Along with this, the game of cricket also develops mutual unity and brotherhood.

Cricket Match

The match of cricket is played in the cricket field because there is grass inside it so that if the player falls while playing on the ground, it injures him less. A cricket match is played between two teams consisting of 11 players in each team.

The cricket match starts with a toss, whichever team wins the toss decides to bat or bowl first. After that, the players come to the field to bat and bowl. Cricket matches are different, there are some Tests, ODIs, T20 matches and IPL

Essay on Cricket Match

Important tools for playing a cricket match

The most important tools for playing a cricket match are the bat and ball.  Along with that come some other tools. Like Helmet, leg bad, gloves, Shoes, thigh bad, stumps, bells, etc. With all these, the match is played well because the ball is hard due to which there is a problem of injury.

Benefits of playing cricket

  • Playing this game develops both physical and mental.
  • By playing this game, the body of children and adults becomes strong and stress-free.
  • Playing cricket increases the immunity of the body.

Famous Indian players of cricket

Sachin Tendulkar, M.S Dhoni, Saurabh Ganguly, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, etc.

Role of Umpire in Cricket Match

There are two umpires on the field who play an important role on their behalf to keep a close watch on the game activity. During a cricket match, one umpire stands on the bowler’s side and the other umpire stands on the batsman’s side.  He makes sure that there is no dispute in the game.

There is a third umpire on the field who oversees the entire movement, who keeps an eye on the entire field.  Then later, in case of any confusion, the help of the third umpire is taken and the right decision is taken.


In today’s time, every child likes to play cricket. In today’s time, cricket has become so popular that the child goes out to play cricket in the street with a bat and a ball in his hand. At the time of the world cup cricket tournament, the whole world becomes like one family and this is a great achievement of the game of cricket.

Cricket is a passionately played game with new changes being made as per the need and today under the change, one day cricket match has become more popular in place of test matches.

Sachin is the favorite player of most of the people in the game of cricket and he is also known as the God of Cricket. I also play cricket in school and being on the school cricket team gives me a lot to learn new and better from our coach.  I wish I grow up to be a cricketer

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