Essay on Cow in English for Students and Children 500 words

Essay on Cow in English for students and kids

This Essay on Cow in English is beneficial for students of class 1,2,3 to 10


Essay on Cow in English –  The cow is a very sacred animal.  The cow is also a very useful animal that has great importance from the scientific and spiritual points of view. Even in science, the importance has been accepted.  Cow’s milk is considered nectar. The cow is our mother, that’s why we call it ‘Gau Mata’.This is a big-bodied pet.  It is found in different breeds all over the world.

The cow has a revered place in India.  In ancient times, sages and saints used to rear cows in their ashrams.  In the dharma Purana of India, the cow is honored as a mother because she cares for us like a mother. The biggest feature of the cow is that it gives a lot to mankind but does not ask for anything in return.

 Nature of cow

The cow is a herbivorous animal that is commonly kept as a domestic animal in homes. It is very calm in nature and adapts easily to all kinds of environments.  The cow likes green grass, flowers, leaves, and fruits in food. A cow drinks 30 to 40 liters of water in 1 day.

The body structure of a cow

The cow has two horns with the help of which it protects itself. The cow has four legs and a long tail, which allows it to fly away from the birds, flies, and mosquitoes that sit on it.

Essay on Cow in English

He has two thick and cute eyes.  Its color is white red and black. It can be seen eating grass in parks, playgrounds, or open spaces. The body of the cow is big and strong.

Use of cow’s milk and dung

Cow gives milk from which curd, cheese, ghee, butter, and many types of sweets are made.  In ancient times the houses and floors were raw.  They were smeared with cow dung. Cow dung is used as fuel.  At present, cow dung gas is also used, which does not emit smoke and eyes are also fine.  Cow dung is also used for farming in the fields.  Cow urine is also used to make medicines.

Importance of cow in India

The cow has great importance in India.  The cow is considered sacred here. The cow is worshiped daily in many Hindu homes.  In the morning and evening, the first roti is taken out for the cow. cow milk and dung is used in many festivals of india.


The cow has great importance in human life.  The cow is the backbone of the rural economy even today.  The polythene which is used in the cities is thrown away like this, after eating it, the cows die untimely.  Even in this situation, we have to think seriously so that the cows can be saved with respect to faith and the economy. The government should build more and more gaushalas for these cows.


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