Essay on Corruption in English for Students and Children 500+ Words

Essay on Corruption 500 Words for Student

This essay on Corruption in English is beneficial for School Students.


Essay on Corruption – When a person goes against the rules of the judicial system and starts misusing public property, status, power, and authority for the fulfillment of his selfishness, then that person is called corrupt. Corruption is spreading its roots fast in a country like India.

Corruption has now spread deep into society and has become very strong due to its many roots. It is like cancer which once generated cannot be ended without medicine. There are many forms of corruption such as bribery, black market, deliberate price increase, working with money, etc.

History of corruption

Corruption is not a problem arising at present but it is prevalent in the world for many decades.90% of the world’s people used to deal with the soil of the country for their own benefit. The king forgot to differentiate between right and wrong in order to save his kingdom, which can be seen as the beginning of corruption.

Causes of corruption and impact on society

Many reasons for corruption in the country. The main reason is the downfall of our character. Man is losing his character for the sake of greed and benefit. People are crazy to get luxurious buildings, expensive Clothes, sparkling cars, AC, television, washing machines, etc. He is ready to take any measure that is right or wrong. Our politicians are adopting the worst tactics to get votes. Apart from these, unemployment, inflation, and increasing population are also making people corrupt.

Tips for eradicating corruption

We have forgotten the importance of character.  Have become the priest of wealth and it is impossible to be free from corruption without riding on the character. Along with this, it is also necessary to make people aware.  People should also vote for the people of character and bring them to power.


Essay on Corruption

Digital India campaign is one such effort, when the transaction will be online instead of cash, then the whole process will become transparent and corruption will definitely come down significantly. Government work will also become transparent. The public should also take full interest in online activities.

Steps were taken by the government against corruption

Digitization – Government services have been made online by the government.  This has reduced the quantum of bribery and the subsidy goes directly to the account of the beneficiaries.

Fired from the job – Corrupt officers were fired.  The income tax department, police department, and other respected officials were involved in this.

Improvement in elections – With the passage of time, the electoral system has been improved as compared to earlier.

Lockdown illegal institutions and shops – Thousands of illegal institutions, NGOs, and shops have been closed.

Corruption Perception Index

The Corruption Perception Index has been constituted globally in 1995 to check corruption. It gives ranks to all countries every year on the basis of corruption. At present, this ranking is done among 180 countries. India was ranked 78 in 2018.  Accordingly, India’s score has decreased by 2 points. On the basis of the Corruption Perception Index, Denmark has been declared the first corruption-free country with 87 points.


Corruption has become a global problem that almost all developing countries are facing. India is famous for its democracy but it is corruption that is ruining its democratic system. Due to no strict rules being made by the government to stop corruption, the corrupt people are getting encouraged day by day, due to which the number of scams has increased at present.

The cancer of corruption is destroying the health of our country.  It has become more dangerous than terrorism. The youth of the country should be aware of all the causes of corruption and should be united to solve it. If we want to eliminate corruption from the root, then politicians, government machinery, and people together have to fight against it, only then we can save our country from corruption.










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