Essay on Coronavirus in English 500 Words

Essay on Coronavirus in English for Students and Children  


  • Introduction
  • Symptoms of corona infection
  • How the coronavirus spread
  • Measures to avoid corona infection
  • Conclusion

500+ Words Essay on Coronavirus in English


Corona is a virus-borne disease that has taken the form of an epidemic and is causing havoc all over the world. Coronavirus is also known as covid-19.  The Coronavirus spread from the city of Wuhan in China, but now the infection of Coronavirus has spread rapidly all over the world.

Essay on Coronavirus

This virus is very dangerous for the human species.  This virus has created a rage all over the world.  It has not only harmed mankind but has also ruined the economy of the whole world.  The virus has proved to be the deadliest in history so far.  WHO has also succumbed to this virus.  This virus has killed millions of people.

Symptoms of corona infection

If someone sees symptoms of coronavirus, then first of all they should get away from coming in contact with someone so that no one else gets the infection due to it. The main symptoms of this virus are cold, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, etc.  This virus attacks most children and old person.  If someone shows such a symptom, then he should immediately go to the doctor and get his checkup done.  If there is delay or negligence in conducting the checkup then the person can also die.

How the coronavirus spreads

  • This dangerous coronavirus is spread only by touching or being near the corona-infected person.
  • If the corona-infected person has touched something and then another person touches the same thing, it also becomes corona easily.

Measures to avoid corona infection

  • The Ministry of Health has given the following measures to avoid this virus.
  • Getting out of the house with a mask.

Essay on Coronavirus

  • The napkin should be used while coughing.  The used napkin should be thrown into the dustbin and the hands washed with soap.
  • We Should not touch the eyes, mouth, ears with his hand without washing his hands because this virus goes inside the body through these three paths.
  • Washing your hands with soap from time to time.
  • Adhering to social distance.
  • Get your examination done immediately if symptoms appear.


There is a different uneasiness among the people regarding the coronavirus.  There is a shortage of masks and sanitizers in medical stores as people are increasingly rushing to buy them.

Based on the information received from the World Health Organization, we are giving you ways to prevent coronavirus.  Screening of passengers at the airport or testing of people in labs The government has made several preparations to deal with the coronavirus.  Apart from this, some instructions have been issued to protect yourself from any kind of rumor so that the Coronavirus can be deal with.


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