Essay on Computer in English 500 Words

Essay on Computer in English for Students 500 Words

Introduction of Computer

Essay on Computer – The term computer is derived from the Word ‘compute’. In simple words is an electronic device, which receives input from a user in the forms of data, such as text, images, and numbers. After receiving the data, the computer waits for the user’s introductions to start processing the data. On receiving the instructions, the data is processed by the computer to generate some output, which is displayed to the user.

In other words, a computer consists of various hardware and software that works together to receive instructions from the user to generate the required output. Therefore broadly speaking, a computer performs four tasks: input, processing, output, and storage.

Essay on Computer

The term input means sending the data and instructions to the computer, the term processing means the work done by the computer with the help of hardware and software to produce the desired results, the term output means the result displayed by the computer, and the term storage means the location where the result is saved in the computer or an external storage device, such as pen drive.

History of computer

It is very difficult to trace when the computer was discovered but some knowledgeable people believed that the computer was discovered during the Second World War. Computers were first invented by Charles Babbage, due to which he is also called the father of computers and in earlier times computers were quite large.  After this, it has been continuously changing and today computers are bringing revolutionary changes all over the world.

Various types of computers

Computers come in various shapes and sizes. A computer can be as small as a palm, on the other hand, it can occupy several rooms of a building. The computer that you use at your home is commonly known as a personal computer (PC). Besides shape and size, computers also vary from each other in terms of speed to process the data. Example of types of computer is Personal computer, Laptop Computer, Tablet computer, M

Uses of computer

icro, Mini, Mainframe Computer, Supercomputer, and Quantum computer.

Today any type of information can be obtained with the help of a computer.  Currently, all the world’s information is available on the computer.  It is used by all office bank hospitals and schools and also by scientists for research. Today, computers are used in all fields.  Computers today have made education and business very easy.  Has brought revolutionary changes in the field of treatment.

It has become easier for doctors to make medicines for the treatment of diseases. Today, we get accurate information about the weather ahead of time.  Together, you can connect with anyone else at home and exchange information online and exchange of information can be done easily.

Conclusion of Essay on Computer

Computers have made a very significant contribution to human life.  The computer has become an integral part of human life. The computer is beneficial for us as much as it is harmful as well, so we should use the computer carefully.


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