Essay on Christmas in English for Students 500 Words

Essay on Christmas for Students and Children

In this post, we have come up with an easy and simple essay on Christmas for all the students. this essay on Christmas is beneficial for students of classes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. this website provides essay on Christmas for all the students.


The festival of Christmas is celebrated by the people who believe in Christianity.  This festival is the biggest festival for them. This festival is celebrated every year on 25th December with great gaiety and pomp. This festival is mainly celebrated in European countries, but gradually it has been adopted in Asian countries as well.

Christmas day is very important for the people of Christian society.  They believe that Lord Jesus was born on this day and this festival is organized on the occasion of his birthday. Jesus started Christianity. This day is celebrated as Christmas Day to pay tribute to Lord Jesus.

This festival falls every year in the winter season.  People celebrate it with full fun and happiness. To celebrate this festival, Christians make a lot of preparations 1 month in advance. This festival is celebrated to honor the birth of Jesus. This festival ends after 12 days of Christmas.

History of Christmas

According to mythological beliefs, Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus. From birth, he had some other supernatural powers. He was born on earth incarnated as a messenger of God to show people the right path. From a young age, he inspired people to do the right thing and showed them the way to go to God. The celebration of Christmas began after the birth of Jesus. The first Christmas was celebrated in Rome in 336 AD.

According to the old legend and beliefs, the son of Mother Mary was born as Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary was unmarried before the birth of Jesus Christ.  She was engaged to a person named Yusuf, a prince of Dawood. Within a few days, Mother Mary got married.  After that, he went to live in a place called Bethlehem and at the same place, Jesus was born in the stables there. He especially emphasized forgiving people and asking for forgiveness.

Importance of Christmas

Christmas has major importance like other festivals, due to Christmas, people come out of their busy life and celebrate the happiness and consider themselves closer to God. This festival is a symbol for the people of Christianity which they are proud of. Due to this festival, people get influenced and live in harmony with each other.

Christmas preparations

Christmas is a cultural festival. To celebrate this festival, everyone cleans their homes and sanctifies them, and Decorate with colorful lighting. People start preparing for this festival a month in advance.

Essay on Christmas

People decorate the Christmas tree in the middle of their homes and make it shiny and beautiful with lots of gifts like candy, balloons, dolls, chocolates, birds full lights, etc. Church houses are specially decorated with colorful sparkler balloons and flowers on Christmas Day. It is a celebration of great enthusiasm and joy.  It is celebrated with fun all over the world.

Celebration of Christmas

On this day, all people put Christmas tree in their homes, which is specially decorated with colorful lighting and other decorative items and small gifts are also hung on it, which are given to children. On this day, especially on the birthday of Jesus Christ, the cake is cut, which is the main dish of this festival.

After this chocolate is distributed among all the people. Santa Claus also has a lot of importance on this day. People celebrate this day by dancing till late in the night. People believe that God himself gives gifts to children by wearing red clothes.


Christmas is a festival celebrated by people of all religions and faiths. The celebration of Christmas is a symbol of peace and it always emphasizes positive thinking by removing negative thinking. This festival teaches us to always be in love with each other, be it poor or rich.

This festival is celebrated with full joy and love. The celebration of Christmas teaches us to be happy all the time. This festival also spreads new colors in our lives, so that in the coming future, we can be happy, so today this festival of Christmas is celebrated with great pomp in all the countries.

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