Essay on Children’s day in English for Students and children 1000 words

Essay on Children’s Day in English in 1000 Words for Students

This long essay on Children’s Day in English is beneficial for school students and kids.


Celebrating a Birthday is an ancient tradition of our India. We pay our respects to our great men by celebrating their birthdays and try to follow their ideals in our practical life. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Ji is also one of those great men whose life is an inspiration for future generations.Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born on 14 November 1889 in Allahabad.

His birthday is celebrated every year as Children’s Day. When the country became independent, Nehru Ji was elected as the first Prime Minister of our country. The countrymen wanted to celebrate his birthday on November 14 as Nehru’s Birthday, but Nehru always loved children.  His soft heart was filled with the love of children. He allowed his birthday to be celebrated as Children’s Day. Everyone has been celebrating Nehru’s birthday as Children’s Day.

In the year 1925, the foundation of Children’s Day was laid. Children’s Day was first announced in the World Conference for the Welfare of Children, but in 1954 it was recognized all over the world. Nehru Ji believed that for the good development of the country, children should be protected from being weak, poor, and not developing properly.

Children’s development day

The purpose of celebrating his birthday as Children’s Day is for Nehru Ji not only to love children but also to make omnipresent development of children. Nehru Ji knew that India is a poor country.  The condition of the children of India was also pathetic.

Today’s child is the hero of tomorrow’s country, that is why the condition of children should be improved in every situation. If the country has to progress and develop, then the condition of the children of the country should be improved.  The future of the country depends on those children. That is why on the occasion of Children’s Day, the government makes different schemes for the development of children.

Children’s  Perfection

Children’s day Dedicated to children.  On this day, many events related to sports and programs are organized especially for children. Children are the future of the country.  They are like a seed to which the nutrition given will determine their growth and quality. This is the reason that on this day, various issues related to children such as education, culture, health, mentality, and very important topics for physical development are discussed.

Children’s day Requirement

Children are of the delicate mind and every little thing or thing affects their mind. Their today will become the country’s tomorrow which is very important. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the knowledge and values ​​imparted to them in their activities.  Along with this, it is also very important to take care of the mental and physical health of the children.

It is very important for our country that children should get the right education and nutrition because today’s children are the future of tomorrow. On this day, children display their made objects in which children display their art. They display their mental and physical abilities through dance, song, and drama.

We should pay attention to the education of children because children are the future of tomorrow.  It should be fully implemented especially the anti-child labor laws.  Even after having their law, the number of child labor is increasing year after year. The real place of these children is not in factories but in schools.


Essay on Children's day

It is very important to celebrate Children’s Day every year to make people aware of the real situation of children in the country along with improving them to make a bright future for children. Children’s Day celebration provides an opportunity for all, especially children.

It forces people to think about the future of children only by realizing their duty and responsibilities towards children.  It generates awareness among the people about the exact position of the child.

Purpose of celebrating Children’s Day

Helping children to make a bright future for themselves.

To guide the students about the importance of education.

Taking an oath to be a responsible citizen of the country and take a pledge to do good work.

To make everyone aware about child rights etc.

Children’s day in schools

Students of all schools wait for Children’s Day many days in advance.  On this day a state holiday is not declared at the national level, but in schools, this festival is celebrated with enthusiasm.

On 14th November all the students are present in the schools.  Children are very happy and excited on this day. They go to their school dressed up.  Various programs run throughout the day.  Children participate in many special events.  This day is a very happy day for the children.  Firstly, different types of sports are organized in which different students have different abilities according to their interests.

A meeting is organized after the games.  At the end of the meeting, all the children are honored with prizes, and sweets are distributed.  All the students happily go to their respective homes.  Children remember their Chacha Nehru Ji with great affection and love.

In schools, children come out in line, shouting slogans on the streets, neighborhoods, and streets.  They sensitize society about the rights of the child.  They spread environmental awareness among all the people.  After shouting slogans to the child, complete arrangements of food like toffees, sweets, biscuits, and fruits are given for their food.


Children’s day gives us the message to move forward on the path of progress.  The progress of the country depends on the progress of the children.  That is why every student should take a pledge on the day of Children’s Day that they will work hard to make their life bright by renouncing their bad habits.

On this occasion, taking inspiration from the life of Nehru Ji, we all should contribute our part in moving the country forward, forgetting all our differences to serve and protect the country like Nehru Ji. Our priority should be to raise the standard of living of the children. Efforts should be made to make them healthy, fearless, and capable citizens.


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