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Child labour is such a curse on the society whose web is spread all over the country. Child labour is a very important topic for our country and society.  Today the time has come that we have to understand our moral responsibility along with talking about this subject. In India, children are considered as God’s form. Today in our country it has become common to see a child doing difficult work.

Essay on Child Labour

Victims of child labour are mostly children whose parents are poor or unemployed, due to which the responsibilities of the family are handed over. Child labour is the worst part of a child’s childhood. Child labour is banned in India and other countries today.  To prevent this, many laws have also been made on it. The number of child labour is increasing even after lakhs of efforts by the administration and government of our country.

Meaning of Child Labour

When a child is taken away from his childhood and forced to do labour work, then it is called child labour.

Reason for Child Labour

Lack of education – The main reason for child labour is the lack of education because until the children are not educated, they will feel that nothing is more important than money. Their parents are also illiterate, due to which children are engaged in labour work since childhood.

Poverty – Poverty is also an important reason for promoting child labour because the people of poor families are not able to maintain their families properly.  That’s why they also throw their children into labour work.

Orphan children – Children become orphans due to the death of their parents or by their parents leaving them. Orphaned children come in contact with people who lure them to eat and make them work in factories, hotels, etc. throughout the day and keep their earnings for themselves.

Greedy people – In today’s era, parents are so greedy for money that they do not even think about their children’s childhood and push them into child labour to earn money.

Family Problem – Sometimes children also have family compulsions due to which they have to work at a young age and become victims of child labour. Therefore, due to compulsion, in childhood, he has to go to the hotel, tea shop to work.

Population Growth – Along with the increasing population of our country, the basic of commodities is increasing day by day due to which poor people are not able to maintain their family.  Therefore, they allow all the members of their families to work, including children. The increasing population is also a big reason for child labour.

CorruptionCorruption also plays a big role in promoting child labour.  That’s why the owners of big hotels and factories put the children on wages without any fear.  They know that even if we are caught, we will be released by bribing us.

Actions are taken by the government to stop child labour

The government of our country has made many laws to stop child labour. It is not possible to make the country completely free from child labour unless the law is used properly by the citizens of our country. Some laws are made by the government of our country.

The Child labour ( prohibition and regulation) Act 1986 – Under this law, getting a child under the age of 14 to act will be considered a punishable offence.

The Juvenile Justice (care and protection) of Children Act of 2000 – Under this law, if any person makes children work or forces them to do so, then strict action will be taken against them.

The Right of Children Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 – Under this law, children in the age group of 6 to 14 years will be provided free education. Under this law, all private schools will also have 25% seats reserved for poor and disabled children.

Effects of child labour  

Childhood wasted – Childhood is the most enjoyable moment of life. When we are in childhood we play with toys and have fun. In childhood, all people love us and do not worry about anything. But the children who are engaged in the work of child labour never live their childhood. Children’s whole life is spent in working as a labourer.

Malnutrition – It is seen in our country that the children working in child labour often become victims of malnutrition because their employers make them work more, but do not give them anything to eat.Due to which the children of our country are becoming victims of malnutrition.

Physical Abuse – Many children are also physically abused while doing child labour. In the greed of getting more and more wages, some people also do physically abuse the children. Sometimes Some children may even die during physical abuse.

Mental Abuse – While working, children make mistakes for which they are mentally abused. They are called by using a variety of abusive language which has a bad effect on the mind of a small child.

Measures to prevent child labour

Awareness – It is very important for the citizens of the country to be aware to stop child labour.Wherever child labour is being encouraged in our society, at that place all the people have to be made aware that child labour is a crime by law.

Education system – Even today there are some places in our country where children do not know how to read and write, as a result of which they have to do child labour. Some children are unable to study due to the financial condition of the family. If we want to stop child labour, then we have to pay special attention to education and make education completely free.

Stop Corruption – If we want to stop child labour then we have to stop corrupt people from doing corruption then only child labour can be stopped.

Proper implementation of the law – Due to the lack of proper implementation of the child labour law in our country, crimes like child labour are increasing. If the law and order of our country are strictly followed, then problems like child labour can be finished.


Children are the future of our country, if their childhood will be spent in darkness and child labour, then how can we imagine a strong India. Child labour has become a curse for our country and our society. If we want to build a new India, then child labour has to be uprooted.  This is possible only with the cooperation of us and the government.


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