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AI is a combination of two words Artificial and Intelligence, Which shows man-made and intelligence, So machines are equipped with man-made intelligence so that the machine is also capable of performing intelligent tasks like a human, it is known as AI. It is all about developing intelligent machines like AI, the brain of these machines can simulate the human brain. AI technology can work and behave like humans.

Essay on Artificial Intelligence

With the help of AI technology, machines can perform human-based skills like reasoning, learning and solving logical problems, etc. Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technology, With the help of this technology, complex problems can be solved and human life can be made very easy.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Reactive Machines – These machines are the basic type of Artificial Intelligence. Through this machine system only focus on the present situation and Respond according to the best possible action. Reactive machine systems do not store memories for future actions. Some examples of reactive machines are Google’s Alpha and IBM chess program, Deep Blue.

Limited Memory – Limited memory can store data or past memories with the help of a machine for short periods of time. The best example of limited memory is self-driving cars. This AI system can store information to native the road, distance, direction, and speed of nearby cars.

Theory of Mind – The theory of mind system understands that beliefs, desires, intentions, and requirements are like humans. This type of the machine is still not invented by any country in the world. It is hoped that this type of machine can be made by researchers in the future.

Self – Awareness – Self – awareness system is the upcoming future of AI. If this type of the machine is invented then this machine can bring a revolutionary change in human society.  this machine technology can defeat humans.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • The biggest advantage of AI is that it can decrease human errors.
  • Through this technology, 24*7 services can be provided to the customers. Using chatbots is helpful for customer care.
  • Artificial Intelligence helps in the analysis of data and it can improve the performance of machine systems like cars, whether, mobile devices, image, and video analysis.
  • AI technology system is very useful and helpful in daily life activities, such applications are Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. These technologies are helping to make our life easier.
  • Doing the same actions over and over again can be boring for a human being. With an AI machine system, they can be done with full efficiency.
  • The work which is difficult for humans to do, that work can be done very easily with this AI technology.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • AI machine systems are very costly to maintain and develop new machines.
  • AI technology systems cannot be creative as we humans.
  • In today’s time, humans are becoming dependent on technologies, due to which they are also becoming very lazy.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Agriculture – Artificial intelligence technology systems can be used to identify diseases in plants, pests, and poor plants nutrition. With the help of AI Robot, farmers can easily understand the temperature, weather conditions water usage, and nutrition absence in the soil. Farmers can use a Robotic machine system for crop harvesting.

Healthcare – The most important use of AI technology is considered in the health care sector.AI Robot can operate and care for patients without human supervision. AI technology systems can easily detect diseases like cancer and surgeries etc. Medical intelligence is also used to find a new type of drug for medical treatment.

Marketing – AI system provides deep knowledge of customers. Using this technology in business will save time and effort. The robotic learning algorithm is helpful in better serving customers.  chatbots are used to provide immediate feedback and service to customers.

Social media -There are different types of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc., use Artificial intelligence to make the customers experience and respond for providing better features.

Artificial Intelligence in India

According to the Global AI report, India is ranked the ninth position. The top three countries are the US, China, and the UK. In the top-ranked countries, there are too many people to do research in the field of AI. But gradually India is also trying to encourage the adoption of AI. AI has been kept as an optional subject in class IX by the CBSE board. India’s first and world’s third educational institute IIT Hyderabad has launched the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) program in AI.

AI technology has also started being used in the Indian defense system, It is used by the Indian Army to identify dangerous places. Indian industry has started using AI technology so that it can make production higher and save time and money. AI technology-related many startups in the country are doing excellent work in data analytics and image analytics etc. It is estimated that India’s GDP will annually grow by 1.3 points by the year 2035.


Artificial Intelligence has been in the news recently. Scientists keep discussing from time to time its good and bad consequences. In today’s time, the world is changing rapidly through technology. Modern technologies are being used extensively for the development and convenience of the people. Artificial intelligence has accelerated the pace of development, while it has also given rise to many new problems. The big loss of this technology will be to humans because their work will be done by machines. There will be a need to balance both the advantages and disadvantages before using this technology.

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