Essay on Air Pollution in English 500 Words

Essay on Air Pollution in English for Students

This essay on Air Pollution in English is Beneficial for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

In today’s modern era, pollution is increasing day by day.  This problem is spreading daily in the country, which continues to harm ordinary people.  We know the mixture of unwanted chemical and biological properties in the air as air pollution.

How air gets Polluted

Air pollution occurs due to chemicals, micro substances, dust, toxins, gases, organic matter, carbon, dioxide, etc. in clean air.  Air pollution is one of the major environmental issues.  The ozone layer is being greatly affected due to air pollution.

There are many reasons for increasing air pollution, including pollution caused by tree harvesting, a chemical company, fuel used in vehicles.

essay on air pollution in english

Tree Felling:- The tree is a large part of its earth’s natural environment which keeps the air pure by reducing the evidence of carbon dioxide in the air.  But in today’s time, due to increasing evidence of tree harvesting, the evidence of carbon dioxide in the air has increased, due to which the air is being contaminated and new diseases are born.

Chemical companies:- When the chemical company remains operational, due to the chemical work done by them, the gas of the deadly chemical spreads in the pure atmosphere, which has to bear the brunt of not only mankind but also the whole of the universe.


Due to contaminated air, new diseases are born in the entire environment.  Due to this air pollution, not only us humans, but also all kinds of birds and animals are affected.  Many types of birds and animals die due to this air pollution.  The person who has trouble breathing or has related diseases again.  They also die due to this air pollution.

Measures to prevent air pollution

To prevent air pollution, first of all, we have to stop tree felling completely.  If we were able to completely stop the felling of trees in this way, then the evidence of increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be reduced, which would again purify the atmosphere and more trees should be planted.

The second solution is to ban chemical companies because this chemical causes air pollution and water pollution.

The third way is electric vehicles.  Contaminated gas coming out of fuel from vehicles pollutes the entire environment.  That is why we should use more and more electric vehicles.  The whole country should take steps on this subject and promote electric vehicles more.


Air pollution is very deadly and it is very important to control it.  The government has to make people aware to avoid this.  Air pollution cannot be eradicated until everyone thinks about it.


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