Essay about Domestic violence for Students and Children 500 Words

Essay about Domestic violence in English for Students

This Essay about Domestic violence in English is beneficial for students of Classes 6 to 10 and Competition Aspirants. In this article, we discuss how to write an Essay about Domestic violence in English.


Our India being a male-dominated country, a lot of atrocities are committed on women. Violence against women is not a new thing in our society. Many atrocities were committed on Indian women even before the country got independence. She had to face many kinds of troubles. In India, women had to be the victims of various customs.

Essay about Domestic violence

To overcome all these problems, many social reformers have made their important contribution. Women’s self-respect and their lives are being sacrificed by the contractors of our society. Our country got freedom but women have not yet got freedom from the atrocities on women. There are types of domestic violence atrocities being committed against women even today. The women of our country think that no one will cooperate with them in protesting against the abuse and atrocities on them.  No one will listen to their plight in this male-dominated society.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence means any act that causes harm to the safety, economy, and health of a woman and child and such damage which would have been unbearable and would cause pain and humiliation to the woman and child. According to the State Women’s Commission, if any woman is suffering from beating or other harassment by the man of the family, then she will be called a victim of domestic violence.  All these are included in the scope of domestic violence.

Types of domestic violence

If any member of the family beats the woman and talks with her in abusive language, then she can file a case against her under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. The following are the types of domestic violence.

Physical Violence – In our society, women have to endure many types of physical violence such as beating, pushing, physical pain, or harm in any other way.

Gender Violence – Gender violence is increasing day by day in our society due to which women are abused, humiliated, hurting the family and social reputation of women.

Verbal and Emotional Violence – In our society, insulting women, blaming character, humiliating for not having a son, humiliating for not bringing dowry, etc.  Many such verbal and emotional violence is faced by the woman.

Economic Violence – Deprived of the financial resources necessary for the survival of the victim and her children. Failure to provide funds for the education and protection of children. Forcing to leave the house, not paying the prescribed salary for labor.

Major causes of domestic violence

  • The illiteracy of women in India is one of the main reasons.
  • Husband being an alcoholic.
  • Doubts on the character of women by society and family.
  • Promoting dowry system in the society.
  • Even today in our society, there is economic dependence of women on men.

Domestic Violence Act, 2005

To avoid domestic violence, the central Government of India has also created the Domestic Violence Act 2005. This act has been implemented by the Government of India on 26 October 2006, which is administered by the Women’s Commission and Development Department. This Act applies to the whole country except Jammu and Kashmir. The purpose of this law is to protect women from distant relations with relatives.


Violence against women has become a matter of great concern today. We all have to save women from suffering because of society, family, and relatives. Everyone should make efforts to remove this domestic violence. She should be aware of his rights and facilities and should raise his voice against the violence inflicted on her.

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