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Dogs have been domesticated by humans since ancient times, years ago dogs were wild like wolves, but gradually mixed with humans and became domesticated. A dog is a pet that many people keep to protect their homes.

A dog is the companion of man since the beginning of civilization is considered. According to the information, it has been with humans for at least 20, 000 years. It is also the first domesticated animal domesticated by humans.

Essay about Dog

A dog is such an animal that can read the feelings of humans, so I am happy in the happiness of humans and whenever their owner is sad, he also becomes sad. The dog is the only animal that does not leave the human side under any circumstances.  He always maintains a friendly attitude with his master.

Shape of Dog

The dog has four legs, two eyes, two ears, and one nose. An adult dog has 42 teeth in its mouth. The legs of the dog are strong and help the dogs to run. Dogs have sharp nails on all four feet. The dog has a sharp mind and bright eyes. Dogs have two ears to hear different types of sounds. The dog has a long tail.  The dog’s tail is curved and hairy, but some dogs have a short tail.

Breed of Dog

Dogs are mostly black in color.  Apart from this, some dogs are white and some are mixed colors.  There are different types of dog breeds in the world, some of which are named below.

Bull Dog, German Shepherd,  Boxer, Blue Lewis, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Chow Chow, Samoyed, etc.

Foods of Dog

The dog is both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian animal.  It eats meat as well as vegetarian food with great fervor. Being omnivores, they eat anything when fed with love. The dog drinks milk with great fervor.  The dog can eat meat, vegetables, biscuits, milk, and other prepared food that is mainly prepared for dogs. Nowadays their food items are also being sold in the markets.  Pedigree is the best-selling product.

Uses of Dog

Dogs were used in ancient times by humans to protect against parasites and to carry goods, but today it is used to keep thieves away from homes. Dogs act as security guards for their owners and sometimes do not allow any unknown person to enter the house. Due to the intelligence of dogs, they are used by the police, army for sniffing criminals and other investigations. These can be easily taught and controlled through proper training.

Interesting facts about dogs

  • The dog is in the first place among the most domesticated animals.
  • The lifespan of a dog is very short.  It can live for about 12 to 15 years depending on its size just as small dogs tend to live longer lives.
  • Dogs use the large hairs of their mouths to see at night.
  • The first animal that went into space was a dog.  The name of that dog was Laika.
  • Many people believe that dogs can only see black and white, but this is not true.  The dog can see black and white as well as blue and yellow colors.  But he cannot see red and green.
  • With the help of a nose print, any dog ​​can be identified.
  • The name of the longest-living dog is Maggie.  This dog was born in Australia in 1986 and died on 14 April 2016.  His age was 29 years and 5 months when he died.


The condition of dogs in today’s time is very sad.  Exotic dogs are kept properly in our country.  But the dogs of their own country keep wandering around unattended.  Taking care of dogs is our religion. It has many qualities like swimming in the water and jumping from somewhere.

We should give timely injections to dogs so that if they bite someone, then the poison can not become inside the human being. We must take care of it with great affection and keep them in good condition.


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