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Essay about Cleanliness for Students and Children

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Cleanliness is an essential quality of a human community. This is one of the simplest ways to protect against various types of diseases. Cleanliness is a good habit which we should adopt for good health and healthy life. Cleanliness is very important for any person. It is also the priority of our life. Cleanliness is important because with cleanliness we can get rid of many problems in life.

Mental, physical, and spiritual cleanliness is necessary to maintain our environment and the surrounding environment. Cleanliness is not a work which should be done to earn money but it is a good habit which we should adopt for good health and healthy life. Let us know more about cleanliness and take one step towards cleanliness.

What is the meaning of Cleanliness?

Cleanliness means the habit of being clean. Staying clean keeps the body healthy. Cleanliness is essential for the happiness of both body and mind. Cleanliness should be included in the daily routine of the people.

Importance of Cleanliness

It is important to understand the importance of cleanliness as it is the first step towards a healthy life. It keeps people away from infectious diseases and viruses. Every person is required to follow the rules related to cleanliness. For example, always wash hands with soap before and after eating food, Take a bath every day, clean your teeth, do not eat the things that have fallen down, keep your house clean, etc. In this way, there are many other things through which you can develop hygiene-related habits in yourself.

Essay about Cleanliness

Right now with the increasing population of patients in the Coronavirus period and the need to pay attention to cleanliness in hospitals, it has become even more clear that how much cleanliness is needed in life. It is a good quality to be healthy and live life in peace. For this, elders of the house and parents should promote this habit in their children so that they understand the importance of cleanliness.

Benefits of cleanliness

There are many benefits of cleanliness such as good hygiene-related habits protect us from many diseases. Dangerous diseases like jaundice, typhoid. cholera spread due to the consumption of dirty water and food. Any disease is not only harmful to the body but also increases the cost.

Mahatma Gandhi had said on cleanliness

Cleanliness is service. Cleanliness is very much needed in our life for our country. Dirt affects the environment and life around us. We should also inspire others to keep our surroundings clean.

Cleanliness campaign

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is an important campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014 on the 145th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Under this campaign, the government has promoted cleanliness in both urban and rural areas and has pledged to make India open defecation-free. Till now 98% of India has been made open defecation-free. Similarly, there are many other campaigns like Nirmal Bharat, Bal Swachhta Abhiyan, etc. The aim of all is to promote cleanliness in India.


The citizens of the country together should fulfill their duty towards cleanliness. Keeping cleanliness in the country is not only the duty of the government but of everyone. All the members of the society should contribute their part in the cleanliness of the surroundings. Cleanliness is the root of good health.

To maintain cleanliness, we should not throw garbage here and there. Garbage should always be thrown in the dustbin. The village of India can be made an ideal village only with better cleanliness.








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