Write an essay on save water in English

Write an Essay on Save Water


  • Introduction
  • Uses of Water
  • Water Problems
  • Effect of Polluted Water
  • Conclusion

An Essay on Save Water in English 500 words for Students and Children

An essay on Save water is suitable for classes 6, 7, 8, 9,10.


An Essay on Save water – Water is one of the most precious gifts given to mankind by the nature. Life on Earth cannot be imagined without water. Water is the primary requirement for all living beings. Humans and all other animals cannot survive for 1 day without water. Water is also needed for plants to grow and survive. Despite this, water is unnecessarily wasted. We should not forget that the solution to the water crisis is by conserving water.

We have always been listening. Water is life. A golden tomorrow cannot be imagined without water. Water is required to perform all the functions of life. There is a valuable resource available on earth. Water or rather it is the basis of the living of all secretaries.

Uses of Water

We need water in every activity like drinking, eating, cooking, bathing, agriculture and also Water is used in cleaning our clothes and utensils, cultivating crops and many other activities.
Water available on Earth.

About three-quarters of the earth is surrounded by water but out of it, 97% of water is salty which is not potable. The amount of potable water is just three percent. Of this, two percent are in the form of glaciers and ice for water. Thus only one percent of water is available for human use in the true sense. To increase the supply of drinking water to the people, efforts should be made to construct more reservoirs.

Water Problems

With the rapid pace of citizenship and industrialization and increasing pollution and a steady increase in population, ensuring access to drinking water for every person is a major challenge. As the heat is increasing. In many parts of the country, the problem of water is taking a formidable form. The problem per year increases more than before, but we always think that just as the summer season is over. The problem of water will be solved as soon as the rain comes and thinking about it, they remain indifferent towards water conservation.
The problem of the water crisis will become more severe in the coming years. It is believed that after the report of this institute of the World Economic Forum, it has been said that more than 75% of the people worldwide are facing a water shortage crisis. The World Water Day, celebrated on 22 March, is not just a formality, but a day to make other people aware in this context by taking a pledge to conserve water.

Effect of Polluted Water

Polluted water contains a high amount of arsenic, iron, etc. which results in all kinds of health-related diseases. According to a study by the World Health Organization, more than 86 percent of diseases worldwide are caused by unsafe and contaminated drinking water. Currently, about 1600 species are on the verge of extinction due to water pollution, while around 1.10 billion people in the world are forced to drink contaminated drinking water and live without clean water.


In most cities, the groundwater table is falling rapidly and the other reason is water leakage. About 30% of water is wasted due to leakage in Delhi and about 20% due to leakage in Mumbai.
People who live in areas where abundant water is available. They should understand the importance of water and avoid water from being wasted. All people should explain the importance of water at their level and control the waste of water.

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