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Welcome to the Essay Lover. On this website, we share all types of essays. Here you will find the solution in English for every problem related to the essay.

What is Essay Lover?

Essay Lover is an English blogging website that provides information on various topics. This blog website is starting in April 2021. The work of collecting information above various essays and conveying it to the readers is done by our team. Essay Lover is written on famous personalities, festivals, and sports, etc. Our blog has also played an interesting role in making large amounts of content available on various topics.

By now you have learned about this blog, which tells you what can read on this website. Do you want to know who is the founder of this blog?

Rahul Sharma – Author and Founder of Essay Lover

My name is Rahul Sharma and I am from Patna city of Bihar. I have done BCA from Anurag Narayan College, Patna.

Essay Lover

I started writing and teaching in 2017 and I have been teaching for the last 3 years. I have taught more than 100 students in 3 years.